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Guevarra Environmental Solutions Company offer services to promote good health & hygiene, comfort, peace of mind and safety for your environment. We assist you in your place of work, production or your own private sanctuary. As we understand the unique needs of every individual the solutions we provide are customized. Trust that we apply only the most effective methods with care to the environment.


In any business or home, cleanliness and proper sanitation are signs of satisfactory management. Mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, rodents, termites and other pests are not only an unsightly disturbance to your family or valued clientele; they also spread virus and dieseases! Health and productivity are affected as pests continue to harbor your environment. Proper application of pest management protects your home or establishment and provides a healthy environment for your family, guest or staff.


SECURE Protection Plan
- for Commercial Institutions
We manage pests that may contaminate products, jeopardizes work flow, productivity, stuff & customer health. We focus on improving healthy working environment for quality production, attract more business, customer health and satisfaction.

SHIELD Protection Plan
- for Food Manufacturing Plants, Commissaries, Restaurants
The food preparation area is one of the most pest targeted establishments. We manage of pests for added assurance that food prepared and served is free from contaminants

SHELTER Protection Plan-
for Homes: Houses, Condominium Units, Schools
We foucus on management of Pests triggering asthma, carrying dengue viruses and other pathogen the plan aims to promote good health in your home.

Recommended for properties both to be constructed and already constructed
Inspection of soil, property, kind of termite, level of infestation
Termite Management and Preventive Maintenance


CLIENTS: Philippine Postal Bank, Sarsa Kitchen, Papertech, Inc., Zephyr Paper Tissue Products Inc., Besuto Food Corp., Chicken Charlie, Galileo Enoteca Deli, Relik Tapas Bar & Restaurant, House of Cab Cafe, Equitable Computer Services Inc., CIBI, Sto. Nino Catholic School Taguig, Wabi-Sabi Vegetarian Noodle Shop, Ikigai Cafe, Farinas Ilocos Empanada, Taters Enterprises Inc., Alloy Industrial Trading Co., Skippy's Bar, Taihon Chemicals, Corp. Art in Island Museum



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Termite Treatment
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Gemma over 4 years ago

We were very satisfied with their job as they really made my mother-in-law's condo unit pest-free. Made the house much more comfortable to live in without the crawling bugs to worry about. Marco's team has been vey accomodating and provides updates prior, during and after their pest-control service. Will definitely recommend this to friends. Thank you so much Marco and team of Guevarra Environmental Solutions!!! Thumbs up! ?

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Analyn over 4 years ago

The management has provided great value added service. Their staff are polite and very accommodating in answering questions on termite and pest prevention. It is also worth mentioning that they gave effective advice on how to make sticky rat traps. Looking forward to their next quarterly general pest and termite control service.

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Yvonne over 4 years ago

easy to talk to, explains the processes involved in pest control. provides tips.

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Doc over 4 years ago

very professional and really give great customer service. very polite staff.

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