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Greenpro Pest Management is a leading provider of pest control and termite control to homes and businesses throughout Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

As one of Metro Manila's best pest control companies, our developed experience and knowledge are second to none. We provide services for all pest types in all suburbs of Metro Manila.

Here at Greenpro's we take a personal approach to pest control. No two situations are identical, so we spend time to understand your unique requirements and recommend the best treatment solution for you. We work closely with homeowners and businesses alike to provide reliable and quality pest treatment and pest prevention programs.

Pest problems are stressful, and we give you peace of mind. With our same day service, you can trust that we will schedule a convenient time to assess and/or treat your pest problem quickly and efficiently.

Our staff are experts in all types of pest treatment, and our in-house technicians will ensure that the job is done to the highest standards.

For all of your pest control and prevention needs, you can trust Greenpro Pest Managament – We know pest! , to get the job done right!


Greenpro: Metro Manila’s Ant Removal and Extermination Experts

Greenpro are the best ant control solution to ant problems in Metro Manila. Whether you’re having issues with carpenter ants, acrobat ants, pavement ants, pharaoh ants or any other variety – our trained techs will find the main nest, satellite nests, track the queen and exterminate your ant problem.

​Commercial Pest Control Services

At Greenpro Pest Management we provide pest control services to a variety of businesses and commercial sites for various pest problems. We will work with you to keep your business safe, reducing the risk of product contamination. We offer pest management programs that are specifically tailored to you, no matter the size of your business.

Protecting your business's reputation is our first priority. Uninvited guests such as rodents (rats & mice) cockroaches, ants, flies, stored product pests, termites, and any other pests can cause severe damage to your business's reputation when unmanaged. We work with you to control the pests and the risk to your business, carrying out inspections on a regular basis and provide you with tips to reduce risk within your business. Rest assured when you have your next food safety audit scheduled you don’t have to worry about the pest control program as you have Greenpro Pest Management working with you and your business. You can trust Greenpro's to do the job right, and protect your reputation!

With over 10 years of experience of our professional pest control technical staff in commercial pest control industry, we have the capabilities to cover all of your pest control and prevention needs!

Our team is here to help, and customer service is our first priority. We are all about quick and efficient service offering a same day service.

We have the knowledge and expertise to address any pest control requirement in any industry. All our professional pest control technicians are fully equipped and able to carry out a large range of control methods on commercial sites, while ensuring the highest standards in safety and pest management are met. You can trust Greenpro’s to do the job right and protect your business’s reputation!

We Specialize in Commercial Pest Control for:
* Food Manufacturing and Packaging
*Transport and Logistics
* Restaurants
* Hotels / Motels
* Shopping Centres
* Child Care / Schools
* Airports
* Asset and Facility Management
* Local and State Government Facilities
* Fully Licensed & Insured
* Biodegradable Products



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