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About me

GBZ STONE WORKS provides a variety of stone care and restoration services to a wide range of clients from residential to commercial. We are dedicated in providing our clients the highest quality and most effective system – approach in solving stone problems .

GBZ STONE WORKS is managed by a group of professional stone specialists who have had more than a decade of combined stone restoration and installation experiences. With the background and expertise of each one in the Team, sure we can resolve the following stone problems: loss of shine, dull appearances, stains, etching, cracked grouts, efflorescence and other related stone problems. We assure our clients to have their stone looking like new again.

Every stone has a unique and special requirements and structure which must be taken into account in evaluating the esthetic benefits of stone restoration and preservation. We tell our clients that not every stone is a candidate for restoration. This can be only determined by performing a stone assessment by experienced stone specialists. We have this knowledge!

At GBZ Stone Works, we offer FREE on-site evaluation and cost estimates.

PRICE is what you pay, VALUE is what you get! We give you more value for your money !

“The secret to success when it comes to avoiding or correcting problems is knowledge and familiarity.”

Good technical support generally comes from those who specialize.

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My services

Stone Care and Restoration

Remedial Cleaning and Preparatory/Surface Treatment – chemical and mechanical cleaning, stain removal, scrubbing and stripping

Rehabilitation/Repairs and Restorative Works – grout repairs/re-grouting, lippage removal, resurfacing (grinding, honing and polishing), epoxy injection; tile replacements

Anti-Stain Protective Treatment and Finishing– Application of Penetrating high performance stone sealer/impregnator, curing, buffing and final surface finishing works

Stone Fabrication and Installation

Dry-pack and wet fixing for floor, countertops, handwash, vanity tops; pool, bath, driveways, columns, foyer, wall and facade cladding and tile setting works, etc.

After Sales Services

Site Visit and Diagnostic Check Up to six (6) months after completion of the contract.

My achievements

1. marble stone restoration - manila cathedral

2. facade cleaning - The Latter Day Saints ChurcH in Cebu

3. University of the Philippines quezon hall flooring restoration works