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Free Lancer Electronics Technician
7 Reviews

  • Zaldy T Ramilo

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Zaldy, the technician, is very skilled and experienced. Skill-wise, I would definitely recommend him. He also seems resourceful. Improvements can be made in terms of system of transaction. For example, quotes should be clarified for all repairs before proceeding to fix it. Also, if a spare part needs to be bought, there should be an ETA, so the client can check if the waiting time is okay. In my case, I did say that I can wait but didn't expect the wait to be that long. Perhaps this can be clarified in the future. Last, some paperwork of the payment would be a good idea.


by Tina - 8 Dec 2016

Great service. He even explained what he was fixing.


by Anne Gamboa - 5 Dec 2016

Thank you...I am looking forward to seeing you again.

by Free Lancer Electronics Technician - 6 Dec 2016

My washing machine is finally working again thanks to Zaldy! Zaldy was very professional. He checked my washing machine extensively to find out what's wrong with it. Unlike others who would immediately say that you have to change the front control panel, he checked everything to find out what is defective. He even went out of his way to buy the broken part needed. I asked him if he can just buy the replacement part for me because i'm very busy and the area where to buy it is too far and too traffic and he readily agreed. I gave him the money and he came back with the part a few days later even if it was raining. He is trustworthy and easy to deal with and I would definitely get his services again! I will recommend him to friends needing electronics services because I am sure they will be satisfied as well. I'm glad that you have somebody like Zaldy on board! Thank you again Zaldy!


by Reynaldo De Ungria - 26 Nov 2016


by Xandra Pauco - 8 Nov 2016

My tumble dryer (hoover) was making a loud noise. Zaldy the tech guy did an awesome job, he aligned the tumbler and even cleaned the lint (in and out). Dyer looks brand new. Would definately refer his services and use him again just to maintain my appliances. Price is fair for the work done. ????


by Charles Layug - 5 Nov 2016

Thank you so much sir..

by Free Lancer Electronics Technician - 5 Nov 2016

Our flat screen TV was broken and we didn't think it could be repaired. But I tried to look for a repairman and luckily we found kuya Zaldy thru this site. He responded quickly to my text and reassured me that it was repairable. He arrived on time and fixed the TV really quick. It's been more than a week and the TV is working well. Keep up the good work!


by Mary Andrade - 4 Nov 2016

Thank you po..looking forward to see you again..

by Free Lancer Electronics Technician - 5 Nov 2016

Expensive.... Bad service, unsatisfied... no star if possible..


by Neil Parco - 29 Oct 2016

Dear Mr.Parco, You knew I was still looking for the parts needed in your unit,I wasn't finish yet,and I message you in your phone but you didn't come you made a conclussion here without my knowing?please update me if your still interested to fix your appliance...thank you.

by Free Lancer Electronics Technician - 3 Nov 2016