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Jill Pinugu, the HMUA,
has a hidden natural gift for the arts. She was professionally trained at Makeup Design Academy (MDA)
for Beauty Fashion and Photographic Makeup with Hairstyling . Added with hairstyling lessons at the Center for Aesthetic Studies (CAS).
Since then, she found her true passion and gift. Her makeup artistry uses only the best makeup techniques that she learned and even up to date, she continues to learn new ways and trends in the industry.
She defines her makeup style as fresh, clean and vibrant that only enhances her clients’ facial features without changing their real identity but makes them feel good about themselves. That’s the reason why she loves to work on with Bridal Makeup more than anything else.

FACE VALUED by Jill Pinugu
has done conventional makeup and hairstyling to several clients who have been happy and satisfied with her services and the way they look. She has done hair and makeup for weddings, fashion shows, photoshoots, awardings, JS Proms and many others.
FACE VALUED by Jill Pinugu
‘s aim is not just to enhance her client’s natural beauty but also to show her true passion. Lastly, she ensures that before her clients face the people and the camera, they are ready to smile with their radiant beauty!
Jill Pinugu is a graduate of Miriam College BS in Child Development and Education, Minor in SPED of March 2009.


I provide affordable yet quality hair and makeup services for weddings, debuts, prom, graduations, anniversaries, fashion events and/or any other special events.
I do tradtional and aribrush makeup with hairstyling to my clients at the comfort of their venue or homes.


Please visit my site http://facevalued.com to see my samples of some of the clients.


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