Excel Keen Aircon Repair and Services

Excel Keen Aircon Repair and Services

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  • Kennith Tumanda
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ExcelKeen Aircon Repair & Services offers Cost Efficient and Reliable Service such as General Cleaning, Repair, Installation and Maintenance

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For installation

Price upon survey (pls. see description)
Window type = 800 - 2500php Split type = 5,500 first 10ft. (200/extra feet) 3tr type = 6,500.first 10ft (200/extra feet)
General Cleaning

Window Type 0.5hp = 350php 1.0hp = 350php 1.5hp = 400php 2.0hp = 450php 2.5hp = 500php Split Type 750php (Regardless of the Horsepower)

price upon check up
we make sure that your AC unit will have their free check up and price estimate before we execute the booked service. Repair Services: Troubleshooting Parts replacement Preventive Maintenance Leak Repair Freon Recharging System Reprocessing Electrical

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Reviews & Rating

Price was good and aircon was cleaned well. We just noticed that the aircon was a bit noisy on our first night of usebut looks ok as days go by.


by Jonah - Aircon Cleaning Window Type 1 Unit - over 2 years ago

My AC is now working and they provided several options for me to choose to fix it



by Geo Lubaton - Aircon Repair - over 2 years ago

thank you for your feedback. we will continue giving you and other customers quality service.

by Excel Keen Aircon Repair and Services - 15 Jul 2017

Rate is reasonable but the technicians were 2 hours late.


by Clan - - about 3 years ago

Thank you for your feedback.This will help us improve or service.. :-)

by Excel Keen Aircon Repair and Services - 28 Oct 2016