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I'm Edgar Cortes, I have 20 years of experience in this industry. Enough skills to manage my own business. I'm a freelancer but I have on-call staffs, who used to lend me a hand with my projects.

You can contact me at 09174251880 for more details.



All metal works, welding, metal fabrication, aluminum, making gate and window plus installation, tiling


My recent work is a bathroom renovation and installation of curtain rods in Magallanes Village Makati City. The client was satisfied with the work. im happy to say that i was able to finish it efficiently before the target date.

My first project with Gawin.ph was a renovation/tiling in a Makati condominium. Although the agreement was to install the tiles only, i went on the extra mile and fixed the electrical and paint the place. The client was very happy and contented with the result of my hardwork.



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Vitzler Aviola about 2 years ago

Mr Edgar is very courteous so I will give him a star for that but the overall service is not good. Perhaps Mr. Edgar should just stick with machine works. TL;DR *Below average masonry and electrical skills *Not following best practice in doing electrical *Did not arrive on time *Not worth the price Long version: I upgraded from a window type airconditioning to split type and the job is to move the aircon outlet, cover the hole where the unit is, and a little paint job. He initially quoted me Php 1500 for 1-day work but his plan was to use wire molding which I did not like. I prefer chasing the wall so he doubled the price for 2days work since he's also going to hire a helper, which is fine for me. They arrived on time the first day and started drilling. Looks good so far! I bought all the things he asked for. Then comes the disaster. He tapped the wire and cemented the holes without even testing if the outlet is working or grounded. I told him I have a multi-tester if he doesn't have one. My breaker tripped when I turned it on. No power in the outlet. So he removed the cement from the wall (good thing it was still soft) and checked the wires again. This time he used my tester. No power! He tested directly in the ACU plugin breaker, no power! So he said my breaker is defective and I should buy a new one. What? How can that be when it was working earlier? I'm a bit irritated but it was already getting late so I thought I'd just deal with it tomorrow. Then comes another disaster. His helper poured a bucket of dirty water (with some cement) in our kitchen sink and causes it to overflow! Okay, they don't know that the pipe in our sink is quite small and water might overflow but still he could've thrown it outside especially when there is cement on them. I have hired a lot of workers before and none of them used my sink to throw dirty water. The water overflowed in our living room and I had to clean it. This irritated me more but this is not Edgar's fault. The next day I bought a new plugin breaker to replace the "defective" one. It wasn't cheap (Php 570). While waiting, I tested the continuity of the wire and that's when I found out he tapped it incorrectly! This made me furious since I already bought a new breaker. We agreed that they start work at 9 AM but it was already past 10 AM when Mr. Edgar arrived. He was alone. He said the job can be completed in half a day and he doesn't need a helper. I showed him the problem and he admitted he connected the wire to the wrong port in the gang. This is not what I expected from someone with a Foreman's rate! Tsss! Okay, so the outlet is now working and I bought a new breaker I do not need. I decided to keep it as spare. Now its time to cover the holes and "finish" the wall. This is when I fully regretted hiring his services. His masonry skills are below average. He did not use the needed tools like a Level and square trowel. The wall is not even. The finish is rough and full of potholes! I was too tired or arguing with him. One of these days I will hire someone to redo his work. And because he did not bring a helper with him, my uncle and I had to assist him in mixing cement and handing him the things he needs.

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