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The name Detalye Design Group was the brainchild of four third year interior design students from the University of the Philippines: Mary Roxanne Magbuhat, Nuyen Borgueta, Larissa Viado and Aaron Paglicawan, during the times when we would casually discuss what it would be like to be members of the workforce. Even before we graduated, the group already accepted small scale design jobs from thesis projects of batchmates from the Hotel and Restaurant Management course, stage design for an event of another school, to condominium units of our relatives or their friends.

In the year 2000, we were able to graduate and pass the board exam. Unfortunately, getting projects was surprisingly difficult. The Philippine economy was rather uncooperative. It was then that we decided to part ways and look for corporate jobs.

It was not only until 2013, when Mary Roxanne and her husband, Osric, decided to revive the group. Together with Aireen Quiazon, a classmate of the original four, Aireen's brother, and Aaron Paglicawan, Detalye Design Group was formed and finally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on September of 2013.

The first few months of the company’s operation were quite challenging. Without a permanent studio to work in, the team would hop from one coffee shop to another just to have a decent space to work. An opportunity to have an office in a small condominium unit came about but turned out to be as arduous. Such birth pains further motivated the team to work harder until we were able to find spaces for our studio and virtual office addresses, both in Quezon City, Philippines.

Detalye Design Group started with a few small projects like a hotel lobby in Olongapo and a clinic in the same city as we tested our capacity and the market. Majority of the earlier projects were results of referrals from former officemates of the team. One of the biggest accounts of the company up to now is also a result of a referral.

Detalye Design Group has now grown to a 7 member team with several outsourced support. We have successfully completed more than a hundred projects, majority of which are shops under the retail design category. But we also accepted projects like residential design, hospitality, office, institutional design and even embarked on organizing design related talks and workshops called Detalks.

With 4 years of Detalye Design Group’s existence combined with its team members’ 16 years of professional experience, the company is ready to take on any design challenge and achieve its vision to be the most preferred interior design company in the ASEAN region.

Detalye Design Group, with its humble beginnings in mind, will face the present and the future with vigour and passion for excellent design and how it contributes towards the improvement of human lives.

With the clients as space users in mind, we, at Detalye Design Group will always design from the heart.


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