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Coach Dave
4 Reviews

  • David William G. Abuel
  • Kamuning, Quezon City, 1103

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About me

I'm Dave, Triathlete from Quezon City, 
30 years old
4 years swimming
College/Masters: DLSU


My services

[Services Offered]
-Teaching a group of individuals to swim or giving one-to-one lessons.
-Planning a block of lessons to suit the correct level and standard for individuals or groups.
Correcting a swimmers technique and suggesting ways to improve.
Assessing individuals and giving regular feedback.
* Freestyle
* BreakStroke
* Backstroke
* Butterfly
* Water Threading
* Basic Total Immersion
* Improve your swim technique to next level
* Personal Trainer
* Endurance Trainer
- Swim program will depend on the student's goal/purpose and student's pacing. Not your generic program.
[Venue and Schedule]
Philippine Sports Commission formerly known as "ULTRA"
Entrace Fee: Excluded in the service fee
09:00-11:00 AM - SAT
08:00-09:30 AM - SUN
MASA - Makati Aquatic Sports Arena
Entrace Fee: Excluded in the service fee
(excluded in the service fee)
8:00-10:00 AM - SAT
10:00-12:00 NN - SAT
3:00-5:00 PM - SAT
5:00-7:00 PM - SAT

Full Payment at 1st session
- Notice of Absence should be 3 days prior to the scheduled session.
- Failure to do so, it will still be counted as 1 session
- 5 sessions must be completed within 60 days period after the first session
-Non Refundable
-Non Transferable
[Frequenty Asked Questions]
-Do we need complete swim gears?
*No, goggles and swim attire will do but might require some gears depending upon the students difficulty and purpose.
-I have zero skills/knowledge in swimming, can i still enroll?
*Yes of course, Thats what swimming lesson is all about.

My achievements

I teach numerous students in swimming lesson. 
On the average, At 3rd session the swimmee can swim 100m straight. 

Tri-United 1 2014 - Olympic Triathlon 51.50 KM
CenturyTuna 5150 - Olympic Triathlon 51.50 KM
Challenge 2015 - Half Ironman 112 KM
TriUnited 3 2015 - Half Ironman 112 KM

Reviews & Rating


by Jermaine - 4 Nov 2016

Coach Dave is very patient in teaching his students and he is always punctual in every session. We highly recommend him to others who are interested in learning how to swim for both beginners or as advanced swimmers.


by Cyrus Centeno - 12 Sep 2016

Coach Dave is a very professional coach. He customizes his methods according to the clients' needs and is very patient in helping us. He is well equipped and his instructions reflect genuine concern and respect for his students. I would definitely recommend him to those who could read this review! :)


by Jeni Ronato - 11 Sep 2016

Value for my money. Coach Dave submitted the most economical quotatiom. He knows his craft and from first day of training, he already shared the most useful techniques tjat can easily be applied during swimming activities whether in the pool or in the sea. Thanks Gawin for finding him for me


by Ellen Belizario - 30 Jul 2016