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Darius Arceo (Aquarius Swimming)
22 Reviews

  • Darius Arceo
  • Quezon City, Quezon City, 1103

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About me

Aquarius Learn to Swim
by: Darius B. Arceo


My services

Private Swimming Lesson
Adult Swimming Lesson
Learn The Scientific Way of Swimming
Program : Basic Scientific Swimming (Proper Breathing, Proper Kick, Proper Stroke)
in Just 6 Hours " Guaranteed"
One on One Basic Training
For Group Maximum of 4 Students
Php 2,500 (1.5 Hrs Class x 4 Sessions) Beginners
For Speial Class Home lesson @ your own place  plus additional charge for your own convenient
Weekdays (9am to 12nn)
Schedule Weekend (9am to 8pm)
(Sundays 4pm to 6pm)
Venue :Xavierville Ave Q.C.
Venue: @ Your Home swimming pool

1 Peter 4:10
Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of Gods grace in its various forms. 

My achievements

I Teach from the bottom of my Heart

Students Come and Learn the Scientific Way of Swimming Technique.

That  I would Guarantee my Students.

God Bless us all and To God be the Glory

Reviews & Rating

Excellent coach and a great person! The whole experience was worth it. Will definitely recommend him to my friends. His perfect reviews in Gawin are legit!


by Reginald Arceo - 31 Mar 2017

Hi Sir Reginald, Got the Skills..Surely you will enjoy the value of lifelong skills and the benefits of swimming. Happy Swimming Thank you and God bless, Coach Darius Arceo Aquarius Learn to Swim

by Darius Arceo (Aquarius Swimming) - 31 Mar 2017

Sir Darius is an accommodating, patient, and effective swimming coach. He knows how to adjust his program accordingly to fit his student's needs and preferences. He also pays attention to details, which is a plus as it helps students improve their form and technique. I will definitely recommend him!


by Ruth Rivera - 1 Mar 2017

Maam Ruth, Thank you so much for the wonderful review. Dont forget to Relax,Kick,Pull and Breath! Happy Swimmng..Im so proud of the way you swim the Aquarius way of swimmng! Thank you, Coach Darius Arceo Aquarius Learn to Swim

by Darius Arceo (Aquarius Swimming) - 1 Mar 2017

He s professional good coach


by JACEL BULAGNIR - 16 Feb 2017

Maam Jacel, Compose yourself every Stroke and Kick..Swim gracefuly and elegant! Congrats. Thank you, Datius Aeceo Aquarius Learn to Swim

by Darius Arceo (Aquarius Swimming) - 16 Feb 2017

Coach Darius is very professional and passionate in teaching swimming. I've learn many things. I'am happy that i choose Sir Darius!


by Ryan Godala - 12 Feb 2017

Sir Ryan and Maam Charry, Keep Practicing , Keep your passion in swimming, Relax and Enjoy every Kick and Stroke. God bless, Darius Arceo Aquarius Learn to Swim

by Darius Arceo (Aquarius Swimming) - 12 Feb 2017

He's a very effective and commendable coach. My husband and I learned a lot from him. Now, we're confident to finish lapses in swimming pool swimming in freestyle and breast stroke. Four sessions were not wasted. We're sure we'll enjoy any outdoor swimming and we're ready to take the challenge swimming in open sea. Coach Darius is very passionate in his swimming classes. We would definitely recommend him to anyone who would want to learn to swim.


by Digz jaramilla - 12 Feb 2017

Maam Digs and Sir Gilbert, Keep Swimming , Keep Breathing and Keep on Floating! Happy Swimming ! God bless, Darius Arceo Aquarius Learn to swim

by Darius Arceo (Aquarius Swimming) - 12 Feb 2017

Hi Gawin, I would like to commend sir darius for his dedication and patience in teaching me how to swim. Sana po bigyan nyo sya ng malaking incentive. :) Job well done sir!


by Ellaine Go - 19 Jan 2017

Ms.Ellaine Enjoy Swimming..Practice more often and Dont foget to Breath. Thank you, Darius

by Darius Arceo (Aquarius Swimming) - 19 Jan 2017

Coach Darius is very professional and a very patient coach. Very good swimming coach. His strategy in teaching swimming is very much applicable to non swimmers like me. Beginners like me will have an easy time to learn the basics of swimming through his way of teachings. Kudos to Coach Darius! Thanks for the Life Long experience of swimming he has taught us.


by Mark Angelo Nastor - 26 Dec 2016

Sir Mark and Sir Lito, Enjoy your lifelong swimming experience. Thank you so much for choosing Aquarius Learn to Swim Thank you, Darius Arceo

by Darius Arceo (Aquarius Swimming) - 26 Dec 2016

a. Rate is reasonable. b. Fast response and can easily be contacted c. Appreciate documentation, so lessons/progress can be reviewed and make necessary corrections on next sessions d. Professional in his dealings e. Adjusts his coaching style based on the need of the student


by Donna galang - 12 Dec 2016

Practice more often and Swim passionately. Thank you and God bless!

by Darius Arceo (Aquarius Swimming) - 12 Dec 2016

Very patient, articulate, considerate and a good instructor


by Evangeline Cube - 29 Nov 2016

Keep Swimming! Thank you for choosing Aquarius Learn to Swim.Happy to Serve!

by Darius Arceo (Aquarius Swimming) - 29 Nov 2016

He was very patient with my daughter and receptive to her needs. :)


by Charmaine Loreto - 28 Nov 2016

Happy Swimming always! Thank you so much!

by Darius Arceo (Aquarius Swimming) - 28 Nov 2016