Dade’s carpet laundry service

Dade’s carpet laundry service

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  • Jefferson Garcia
  • Ironwood st, Greenwood’s Pasig, Pasig, 1800

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About me

Dade’s Carpet Laundry Service started 3 years ago, 2015 when our family friend who lives in a condo constantly complaining that she cannot find a proper laundry service that will thoroughly clean her carpets with soap and water. She was unsatisfied with the home cleaning services. And she cannot wash it herself as there is a limited lavatory space in the condo. Then my dad and I volunteered to wash it for her in our own backyard. Since then, we started servicing taguig, pasig, ortigas and makati area.


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Why choose us?
Because your carpets are your investments, they deserve the right care! It is like having your own lavandera providing you with impeccable washing service.
Dade’s Carpet Laundry Service specializes in carpet laundry. Though regular vacuums can remove dirt and dusts from a carpet, the deeply embedded dusts and stains from food or pets can go unnoticed and untreated. Overtime, your carpet will be so dirty and smelly that will lead to a smelly home.

Our carpet cleaning technique will surely extract dirt particles, eliminate doors and stains and will restore your carpet’s color and condition. It will look as good as new and will smell fresh like downy.

Rest assured that we do not use any kind of damaging cleansers, just an old fashion and effective way of washing the laundry, with lots of care.

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