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Started as a home-based, food manufacturing business in 2002 under the trade name Sunday's Pastries & Sweets (SPS). Specialty cookie bars and assorted chocolates that are also ideal for people's gift giving needs. SPS was a seasonal supplier of a leading high end supermarket in the metro, a 24-hour convenience store with branches nationwide and a candy company.
Also during the same year, Christmas season, a door of opportunity opened for Lulu Domingo (owner) to serve food (catering style) for a broadcast company’s Christmas party through a referral which also gave the owner the idea to venture in this kind of business.

 In 2006, Lulu thought of taking the catering business seriously. At first it was the challenge of thinking for a business name… after months of finding for a perfect trade name, a blessing indeed, Lulu came across a chapter in the bible (NIV);
Ezekiel 24:

THE COOKING POT ….“Put on the cooking pot; put it on and pour water into it.” 4”Put into it the pieces of meat, all the choice pieces-the leg and the shoulder. Fill it with the best of these bones…”

which gave birth to Cooking Pot Catering Services (CPCS).

CPCS have gone up to a higher level in the food industry. It doesn’t only serve home-baked goodies but also serve good food for every occasion that people will enjoy up to the last bite. 
Cooking Pot Catering Services is committed to provide good quality food and excellent personalize services to it's clientèles. The husband and wife team, Melvin and Lulu Domingo always see to it that they personally attend and deliver to their clients' needs and requirements. From the time of food tasting up to the last minute of the event may it be a big or small party, every event is treated with equal importance.


Cooking Pot specialize in Weddings and Debuts but is not limited to it. It also cater to ALL Occasions such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, Kiddie Parties, Dedications, Corporate Events, Special Orders, Volume Take-Out / Food Tray, Deliveries, and Packed Meals. You may contact us through these following Numbers: 
Landline: (02) 989 1655

Globe: 0906 323 6007
Globe: 0915 412 4045

Globe: 09178254307


We had the privilege to have catered to several companies, corporations, like a T.V. Network Subsidiary, a cable network company, a billboard/ad company, BPO companies, and several other entities. Also to mention the owner’s extensive experience of being a part of the team which once operated the International School of Manila Cafeterias.



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