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Taguig City, Manila, 1631

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About me

Created from the need of having the best cleaning service in Metro Manila. RBPA Cleaning Services started when four friends thought of a little project that will help clean the environment one home at a time. Due to the fact that two of the four are neat freaks they came up with a cleaning service. Combining their vast network, keen observation skills, a huge market and their affinity of all things neat and clean, RBPA Cleaning Services was born.

RBPA Cleaning Services are founded by Rey Alcain, his dear friend Adele Olives, his daughter Iya "BeeGee" Sunico and son-in-law Pacoy Sunico. The cleaning services handles everything from home and office cleaning services to janitorial services. Making sure that all dust, dirt, grime and bad odour will be gone and exterminated beyond your wildest expectations.

RBPA Cleaning Services aims to provide the best in market cleaning service. For all your cleaning needs, RBPA is here. Clean Right, that's our motto.

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My services

- General Cleaning (dust removal by vacuuming /manual cleaning using natural cleaning products/ sanitizing by steaming process) of house interior

- Sanitizing / Air Washing & Aromatizing of indoor air

- We use a water-based high powered vacuum cleaner that also cleans and sanitizes the air of floating construction / renovation dust / stagnant indoor air and aromatizes the air with a fresh scent.

- We use a steam dry machine to further eliminate germs. We also use microfiber cloths, mops and cellulose sponge cloths that are anti-bacterial and leave no streaks on smooth and shiny surfaces.

- We use organic based materials or chemical-based products if needed only for our cleaning jobs.  

My achievements

"You are definitely the best!! Thank you for doing a great job. My rooms feel clean and smells fantastic too! You've got another happy client!" - Dindin Regalado Monserrate

"Very thorough and detail oriented! Excellent service! Thank you for the good cleaning job! Would highly recommend your team!" - Law Office

" Clean again, thanks to RBPA Cleaning Service" -celeste