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  • Randy Macapagal
  • 008-678-014-000

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About me

We have been in the industry for only three (3) years. We first catered to SM Supermarkets and Savemore Supermarkets for their 118 repair projects. Then we catered also for almost one year now for Super 8 Groceries for their store reductions, specifically on their electrical and civil work requirements. We have been working also with them on their DATA cabling requirement.  Aside from these two big companies, we have catered also projects for a painting company which is Brilliant Airless Painting and Waterproofing inc. on some roofdeck re-concreting. We put great pride on the quality and efficiency of our work. We are a Christian company, owned by people who are trying their best to honor God through their lives and the company they work for. So, it is just expected that we are honest in all our dealings and give the best value for our clients' money.    


My services

Civil works: We do tile repairs and installation, concreting of pavement, reblocking, Glass installation, painting jobs, reductions of spaces, restoration works, metal works and fabrications and WATERPROOFING.
Electrical works: Power supply installation, re-wiring, panel board installations and repairs, post lamps installations, etc...
Plumbing works: Re-layouting of sewerage systems and repairs, Bathroom repairs and DECLOGGING. 

My achievements

We have completed 118 work projects for SM Supermarkets ans Savemore Supermarkets. We have completed Store space reductions for Super 8 Las Pinas and sucat branches. We did also some electrical and data works for 4 outlets of Super 8. We have completed roofdeck re-concreting project at Valencia Gardens in New Manila through Brilliant Airless company. All of these projects are done with quality workmanship and are already paid in full. It speaks loud and proves the capacity of our company to meet the industry's high demands in terms of quality and efficicency of work to have SM and Super 8 among our clientele. Thank you.  

Reviews & Rating

Price was reasonable, quality of work-excellent, very professional. Workers arrived every morning and left every afternoon at the same time. They worked efficiently throughout the day. Owner of company/Manager visited site regularly and assured that the project would be finished on schedule. I highly recommend this company, especially when your home is the worksite and the professionalism of the workers is of upmost importance.



by Linda Tamesis - Painting - 2 months ago

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so very much for the excellent review, mam Linda. You’ve been so kind and considerate on us during the course of the operation and we cannot afford to serve you below par. You’ve been the handywoman and took care of your beautiful abode for 30 years and understand exactly how important to you to bring back its beauty like when it was new. Sir Butch is just a gentle spirit; our workers were very comfortable in his presence. Thank you for the future projects you told me to work with us in the coming days. Ingat po lagi and God bless!


Though there were some hiccups during the process, over all we are satisfied. Will recommend to family and friends.



by Marah Modina - Painting - 5 months ago

Oh... I missed to reply on your kind review po, mam Marah. Thank you so much po! Plumbing works is really difficult and sometimes it takes two or three times to get it done especially in tight spaces. Sir JM has been gracious also to us during the course of the work. Thank you so much po ulit! May our Lord bless your family!


Workmanship is excellent. The workers are very respectful and cordial. Randy is very approachable. He listens to us and suggests ways to meet our renovation goals within budget.



by Suzanne harder - Roofing Repair - 8 months ago

Thank you po, mam Suzanne, for taking time to give us your kind review. Thank you for another chance to serve you po for the next and upcoming project. Looking forward to start again the next phase project. Ingat po kayo lagi! God bless you more!


Very satisfied with the quality of service. They were able to fix the leaks in our roof and did good repair of our ceiling. It was initially not clear to us the quoted price so we asked a lot of questions and sir Randy patiently answered them all and explain the details. The package price was somehow expensive but after I saw the end results plus the 5-year warranty they provided, it felt it was worth the investment. If there is any area of improvement I could suggest it would be the calculation of the estimated time of completion as they initially told us it will be done within 1 day but it took them 3 days, and one of our family member had to take unplanned leaves all of a sudden. Other than this, we feel that it was a good service and we still look forward to work with them on our future renovation works. Thanks again COC and Sir Randy. More power to you!



by Karina Esclamado - Roofing Repair - 9 months ago

Thank you, mam Karina, for your kindness! Yes, I did commit to finish the waterproofing and ceiling repair to be done in one day but it rained a little in the afternoon that we need to retouch some more areas on the roof just to make sure it won't leak for many years. On the ceiling part, it became indeed a challenge to finish it on one day. For your satisfaction and happiness, we should, indeed, not rush everything; we would rather spend one more day to ensure the high quality of our service. May our Lord bless you more , mam Karina! Ingat po!


Had a bad leaking problem one night and glad that it was all fixed up, thanks to Randy and his team. First of all, I requested the service here in Gawin that same night and Randy was the very first and only one who replied that time. I could understand it was already after office hours when I requested the service, not thinking anyone would respond, so I was definitely impressed of his availability, specially since I needed the work to be done ASAP. The same goes althroughout the time we were communicating--he was prompt, approachable, highly considerate and very professional. Came by the house the following day for an ocular and gave me a reasonable quote for the job he offered. Had his workers come a few days later and our huge roof was waterproofed in just 2 days, despite having the rains come in the afternoon. Didn't quite knew at first what the job entailed with the price given to me, but Randy was able to clarify the details of their work and I was well-satisfied with what was done. Also asked for additional work with our ceilings and he saw to it that everything would be done to our own preference and it was again done very quickly. There was just a slight issue when his workers were the only ones around--so one part of the ceiling/roof wasn't looked into properly and we still experienced a leak on that area. Randy noted this and had everything sorted out when they fixed the rest of our ceiling. All in all, I would definitely recommend Randy for any roofing and ceiling problems. So far with the heavy rains these past few days, we haven't been experiencing any leaks anywhere in the house. He surely knows what he is doing and you will be assured that you will receive quality work and get the results for what you paid for.


by Mae Adan - Roofing Repair - 12 months ago

Thank you so much, doctora, for the kind words and for having the time to give us your review. There is still a lot to improve but rest assured that as we are maturing in the business we will continue to improve our service and commitment to our a client for high quality services. Hope we could one day achieve our dream of accomplishing service quality beyond our customers expectations. Again, thank you and may our Lord bless you more po!


We highly recommend COC Family Trading & Services Inc. very efficient and skilful team. We very happy with the quality of their job. We have struggled since 2016 with our roof due to every heavy rain fall, the water keeps coming in and flowing all over our second floor of the house. We hired different workers, contractor builders etc., 5 different companies to be exact! , But the problem is still the same and it was very frustrating for us. We were almost giving up on finding the best person/workers and companies that can really fix the problem. We spent so much money hiring different companies and people to do the repairs, unfortunately all the money and the time we spent has been wasted due to all the other unreliable companies and other workers who did a very lousy job on our roof. I am very grateful that I found and met Mr. Randy Macapagal and his workers from COC Family Trading & Services. They did a great job. He seems like a superhero to us. FINALLY,! My problem and worries about my roof are less now. They did a great job! They also did an excellent job in the waterproofing of the firewall of our house. They made me feel so much assured now with the fact that they guaranteed a 5 year warranty for their job project. THANK YOU SO MUCH Sir Randy and also to your team, I really appreciate all of you guys. :-). I like their attitude so much, Sir Randy is a very pleasant, humble, most honest person. They are giving very excellent communication to their client. They gave so much value to us, and mostly I love the treatment that they give to their client. You would never feel that you are a different person. They are all friendly and pleasant. They were on time for their commitment. I love also the attitude of their team, very respectful and humble unlike some of the other companies. I usually encountered a very "bossy attitude" of the worker that haven't considered the request of their client. I love the relationship of Mr. Randy to his workers, especially the way he treats them. He is giving so much care and value to his workers, which is not seen very often from other managers. Keep it up, Sir. If there is only a much higher than a 5 star to give as a rating for Mr. Randy and his team I won't ever hesitate to hit even a 100 stars... This team is really fantastic. They are very trustworthy when it comes to their job and price that they are offering to their clients. They are not like the other companies that more likely "GOLD DIGGERS' that their only concern is making money out of their client. I salute you Sir for being an Honest Person and please keep it up! With that kind of attitude GOD will continue to bless you and shower on you more projects and blessings. Overall, We are very Happy and satisfied with their job. HIRE this team and you won't ever feel regrets. Thank you so much, and we will look forward to the other future project that we can deal with you.



by Ms. Pangilinan - Roofing Repair - 12 months ago

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for this very humbling and heartwarming review. You're so kind and generous in your praises and the way you treated us. I commit to even improve our services so that we could be deserving of your so positive review. You are so kind and trusting and prone for abuse by the opportunist; and this is obvious on the way you are graciously treating your tenant. We are so blessed to have you our client and it is our honor and privilege to work for you, mam Jennelyn. Ingat po lagi. God bless you more!


Product was great. Service provided is good. No leaks from roof after recent rains. They also provided a warranty. It was easy to communicate with them.



by Virgil Cruz - Roofing Repair - over 1 year ago

Thank you so much po, sir Virgil, for taking time to give us your review. We really appreciate it! Hope we could serve you again in the future and we commit to give you our best effort to even exceed your expectation. Have a great year ahead! God bless!


We are very happy with the finished output of Sir Randy and his team's work. We had our condominium repainted and had roofing on our terrace and they were able to finish everything within the agreed timeline of 3-4days. Sir Randy is a very pleasant person to deal with, very friendly and a know-how in his field. Not only that, the workers were very polite and professional as well. The price of the overall service is also reasonable. COC Family Trading does not hesitate to go extra mile on their services (as they gladly agreed to some of our requests aside from repaint and roofing). Overall, a 5-star review for Sir Randy and his team. Definitely calling them back again for future renovations and construction services and will definitely recommend them to others as well.



by Prin Coloma - Painting - over 1 year ago

We cannot thank you enough, mam Princess! You have been so kind to us. You just concluded our year with a BIG BANG and with one of the best reviews we've got! We pray that we could maintain this kind of commitment to our customers giving them our best effort in all the things we do. We will wait for your call next year and excited po to work for you once again. Ingat po lagi! May God bless you with better health, love and much happiness in the coming days and year!


i booked COC for my kitchen renovation because i was quite happy with how fast they got my concrete flooring completed. i did not have a very good experience with them due to the following reasons: 1) poor communication - don't expect a text or a call from them if they are going to be late for an hour or so. there was even a time when i waited until past noon for the workers because apparently no one was available that time. while i understand that these things do happen in a project, i really would've appreciated if proper communication was made like what a true professional would've done. 2) some of the workers were not given proper orientation of what the work is - i had two replacement workers sent to me one day who didn't even know what they were supposed to do. they didn't have the proper tools with them so i just ended up sending them back. 3) there were a lot of rework - i had the mason repeat the tiling for 4 times because he couldn't get the brick layout right. the carpenter who made the murphy table did not follow my instructions and at times, insisted on his way of doing things which really delayed the completion - it took him 4 days to complete a murphy table! all in all, i was not happy with COC. the project was delayed and the experience wasn't pleasant. with the amount that i paid for, i couldn't really say that the workmanship was exceptional.


by arthur gatbonton - Flooring Installation - over 1 year ago

Hi sir Arthur! Thank you for giving us this review. We apologize for the inconvenience you've experienced with us. We were having difficulties on the availabilities of our workers as we are so full of schedules to attend. We were overloaded with projects and those replacements that came were not coordinated and given orientations. It was the lapses we corrected already as this we avoided to happen. Anyways, it was the second project we did to you and you were happy with the first; this why we still had the second project to work for you. Again, we're so sorry and will take this as a correction that on our next projects we will better our services and coordinations and will give our best for the utmost satisfaction of our customers. Thank you, sir. God bless!


Few years ago we purchased an old house located beautifully in one of the main streams of our village. Unfortunately we could not find ourselves living our daily life there due to its condition- old, dusky, leaks everywhere and we assumed that anytime (God forbid!) it could collapse and we may not be ready for a much expensive renovation for it. I never thought that through the best efforts of COC Family, we could realize one of our best dreams of not just owning a house but finding ourselves living in our home. We could not thank them enough for their dedication in work and better treatment of their clients. All workers are courteous and very skilled. I never thought that they could salvage on what we put our very first realty investment on. With regards to the price, it was all practically worth it considering the long warranty they gave. With COC Family, they will surely treat you with the best! Two thumbs up and all big smiles from our family to yours!



by Jhing Corpus - Renovation - over 1 year ago

What a review! The best so far we've got! I'm speechless and teary eyed for the kind heart behind this review! You've been so good to us, how can we treat you differently? We have enjoyed our work on your project and it is one of the best experiences we've had. Literally you became a friend to us especially to our workers. Thank you for your generosity and kindness! We pray for your happiness in your new house and much love as you make it your home! 'Till next time po; after five years?!?! haha