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Cleaning homes. Changing lives.
Cleaning Lady PH (Lila Linis Inc.) provides Filipino-quality cleaning service that is professional, delicate, and warm and helps keep your home clean, safe, and healthy to live in. 
We provide jobs to women and mothers from organized communities and had them trained and certified at TESDA to produce and uphold only the finest Filipino-quality cleaning services for condominiums.
In addition, 10% of our profit goes to a fund that we help build, manage, and invest and is dedicated for livelihood programs, scholarship grants, and community building activities to further benefit our cleaning ladies and their community.
We are a social enterprise that aspires to build and nurture a community with our pool of regular clients and cleaning ladies making a difference in each others' lives.
This is the dream of Cleaning Lady.


Our business is built on trust, hard work, and excellence and is committed to bringing these values with us from the time we step at your doorsteps to the moment you let us into the comforts of your home. We provide professional and quality cleaning services from a pool of highly skilled and TESDA certified cleaners with experience and trainings at par with hotels and serviced apartments’ housekeeping standards.
Here’s what our Cleaning Ladies will do for your home’s standard cleaning:
Living Room
- Wipe and disinfect all visible surfaces
- Sweep, mop, and polish floor
- Wipe furnitures
- Neatly and safely organize belongings
- Treat glasses and windows
- Wipe appliances
- Wipe stove
- Wash, dry and store dishes and utensils
- Wipe and clean countertops
- Sweep, mop, and polish floor
- Take out trash and replace bags
- Make the bed
- Surface dusting and cleaning
- Sweep floor
- Neatly and safely organize belongings
- Wet, scrub and disinfect surfaces
- Clean toilet and sink
- Wet, scrub and mop floor
- Clean and treat mirrors and glass surfaces
- Take out trash and replace bags

Book a Cleaning Lady
Booking a cleaning service with us means cleaning your home and changing someone else’s life. By availing of our cleaning services, you also get to help our Cleaning Ladies achieve their dreams, goals, and aspirations in life.
You may book us and message us the ff:
-Complete Name
-Complete Address: Unit No, Condo Name, Street, City
-Contact Details: Phone number and email
-Preferred Date and Time: Date(Mon-Sun) Time (between 8am to 6pm)

P350 (1 hour)
P500 (1.5 hours)
P625 (2 hours)
We charge 100 pesos per 30 minutes in excess of 2 hrs.


"Professional, reliable, and dependable service. This is what Cleaning Lady PH is all about." -Nikko Garcia
"Something to inspire us today! Charmaine is from a GK community in QC: matapat, marangal, at masipag." -Maj Dizon
"Thank you Jessica for a squeeky-clean and organized condo I came home to. What a worry-free convenience." - Kat Lising
"We had flor stay for total 3 hours. Really impressed with her professionalism. She did a really great job. We will book again next Sunday." - Travis Lewallen
"When ate Imelda and Khang got to the apartment, they had big smiles that made me feel like I've known them long since. After a quick brief, they started cleaning right away and worked themselves from one area to the next. Their professional service paired with their warm personalities made the entire experience feel very homey. I am definitely booking them again for my regular cleaning." - Oliver Allan Co
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