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Choonee & Yowee Cakes started out by making tarts which has become a best seller. We then offered customized cakes and cupcakes for any occasion and then started setting up dessert buffets. We are also planning on teaching short courses on cake decorating and basic cakes.


Customized cakes and cupcakes for any occasion

- cake & cupcake packages

- character cakes

- dessert buffet with theme and set up

- dessert souvenirs

-customized theme cakes


we have served clients who had their events in hotels, famous events venues and places. Through the years we established strong relationships with our loyal patrons some even had become our friends. One client availed of our packges for her daughter's 1st birthday party and now that the child is 4 years old we still made the cake for her. Another instance is making the desserts for the baby shower, baptism and to the current birthday of the child.


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Melannie cruz almost 5 years ago

Nice birthday cake, price competitive though the cake itself is not yet that yummy... or maybe i have tasted yummier cakes... Nice delivery, somewhat earlier on time and waited for the one who will pick it up... Just develop the taste of the cake itself especially since it is chocolate and voila, it could be close to perfect... One more thing, they could add an option to select a doll even for additional cost..

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