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Chilltech Airconditioning

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  • ms marge

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Chilltech Airconditioning Corporation, a fast growing company totally owned and managed by Filipino professionals, registered with the Philippines Security & Exchange Commission, was formed to give the utmost knowledge and workmanship in the field of air-conditioning and refrigeration.
The company offers the combined skills and resources of experienced personnel and were recognized in their respective field. It provides all forms of services related to air-conditioning and refrigeration, from the design, estimates, and installation to include sales of equipment, maintenance and repair services.
CHILLTECH AIR-CONDITIONING is a commitment to unmatched skills, resources, expertise and professionalism in the field of Air-conditioning & refrigeration.

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Offers excellent Air-Conditioning services, Affordable aircons units and installation expertise.

My achievements

Samsung Dealer of the Year (Packaged & DVM)

Reviews & Rating

The technicians who cleaned my 4 split-type air conditioners were very professional and cleaned up after they finish cleaning a unit. They did not leave a room messy or dirty. They let me test the units after they finished cleaning up, particularly with the unit that leaks water when in operation. They were all good but the leak returned the following day. I have yet to call them for this. For the three other units, they were all working fine. As to their price, Ms. Marge charges P1,200 for cleaning of a split-type aircon but gave me a discount at P1,000 only per unit. I was happy with their service and I will get them again if I need cleaning service for my airconditoners.



by Vernoni Emata Dulalia - - over 3 years ago

The service was okay. What I did not like was that according to their quote, aircon cleaning was supposed to be P300. However, when they were requesting for payment after the service was rendered, they asked me to pay P500. I told them that I had based my hiring of their services on their quote of P300. To make a long story short, they were explaining how their rate of P300 became P500. However, I insisted that their explanation should've been made clear in their quote, NOT when they were done rendering the service & they were billing me. I told them that had they made it clear in their quote, it would've been okay with me. It was the manner in which they changed their fee which I didn't like. I felt deceived.


by MA PILAR T DE LEON - - over 3 years ago

very affordable and easy to talk to. very nice people.



by Nick Jorge D Ducay - - over 3 years ago

Job Well Done. Affordable and reliable.



by michael gonzales - - over 3 years ago

I left a note to them, but they didn't bother to reply or call back.


by Marilyn V. Reyes - - about 4 years ago

Prompt reply and reasonable prices.



by Antonio Comia - - about 4 years ago

Reasonable price. Kind and professional workers. Excellent job results. Will hire them again in the future.



by Missie Suasi - - about 4 years ago