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Carepak Moving And Storage, Inc. is an international quality Moving, Storage and Relocation Service provider, based in Manila, Philippines. Founded in 1990, Carepak Moving And Storage has become a market leader by providing dedicated, best-in-class international service, focused on ISO quality assurance & systems, and meeting customers’ needs with solutions that exceed expectations.

Our clients range from the largest multinational corporations, to private individuals. Many or our clients are from the Diplomatic Corps, NGO’s, Philippine Government Organizations and large domestic companies. Our customer base is extremely diverse; our geographic coverage is completely global. Our markets include all parts of the Philippines, including: Baguio, Clark, Subic Bay, Davao, Cebu and all places in between. One of Carepak’s many international specialties is in providing Origin, Destination and Relocation Services in the major Micronesian islands, of Majuro, Pohnpei, Saipan and Palau.


International & Local Movers Company
photograph moving fine artsCarepak Moving And Storage, Inc. has been moving companies and people in and out of the Philippines, and from Luzon to the Visayas and Mindanao and back, for more than a generation. During the current decade we have expanded to become the most respected international relocations specialist for Micronesia, for government agencies, multinationals and NGOs. Whether you need international moving services or IT relocation there is little about the art of moving the most valuable of commodities that Carepak has not already perfected. Our perspective is, when someone chooses to move then the complete experience, from first contact with the professional movers company to the moment that last box is unpacked at its new location, should be hassle free and involve the minimum number of people decisions.

Whether you need local moving services for commercial operations & office moving, or for international moving, Carepak has the experience and professional team to keep you in business before, during and after.

No matter whether it is your family and your pets or your entire company, Carepak Moving And Storage has the resources and the experience to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Storage & Warehousing
Carepak Moving & Storage, Inc. maintains full service facilities for storage & warehousing in Manila and Cebu. Through our long standing relationships, we have selected a variety of additional warehousing and storage partners around the Philippines in: Baguio, Clark, Subic Bay and Davao. Whether your needs are for short, medium or long term storage or warehousing of personal, household or corporate possessions, our flood-free storage with 24-hour security backed by CCTV, will give you piece of mind that your possessions are safe and secure with Carepak.

Relocation Services
Relocation services from Carepak are all about you. You are the one who needs to find the best location, the right property, the best schools, the right clubs, the best facilities, to make relocation a hassle free and enjoyable experience for you, your family and your pets. Whether you are relocating internationally or within the Philippines, Carepak has the network of experienced relocation services professionals to help from the look-see moment to the that's-for-me decision.

When relocating to the Philippines nobody has a better network of commercial and social contacts to help you fit-in immediately with your new surroundings than Carepak. We are, as you would say, plugged in to the Philippines in ways that no other relocations services company can offer.

IT Relocation Services
Photograph computers being movedWhen it comes to IT relocation your needs are a little specialized. You don't just need to move your office, your staff and your family, you need to move your entire business . . . and have it up and running both before, during and after the relocation. Carepak make sure that when it comes to IT relocation not only do your staff happily plug-in to their new environment but also that your first computers are plugged in ready to go at your new location before they last one is unplugged at your point of departure.

Our perspective on IT relocation services is that it should be transparent to your customers where you are now located. If you want to ensure you do not lose a single byte during IT relocation then you must contact Carepak Moving And Storage today.

When it comes to your IT relocation services, Carepak is the only safe solution.


Our company is owner-managed ensuring personal attention; our staff are the most experienced and best trained in the industry; and, we work with a passion to make every customer happy.

Our constant feedback surveys, audited by industry-focused third-parties, confirm that Carepak is one of the highest rated moving companies in the world.

Whether you are moving a Buddha to Berlin or a BPO to Baguio, Carepak's reputation is your guarantee of satisfaction.

Carepak handles every aspect of international moving from pre-move counseling to post-move quality assurance feedback. In between, we will make all the necessary arrangements to eliminate pet-stress, assist children to find enthusiasm for the new location and handle every documentary formality, at the same time as getting your personal possessions packed, insured, shipped, delivered and unpacked without you having to do more than simply sign your name.

No pet is too small to receive our personal care & attention, and we make sure they travel permits-complete, to arrive safe & happy, ready to be greeted.

State of the art Move Management Systems and on-line tracking enable us to manage every aspect of your move and make the information available to you via any internet connection. Our systems can be customized for individual clients so that you will receive automatic status reports at each stage of move.

Choose Carepak for your international move to protect your possession while you relocate. Most everyone else does, why not you?



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