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Rene Salazar about 3 years ago

Black Ant provided excellent service with our move and I would highly recommend them. They arrived ahead of the agreed meeting time; and they immediately began to work. They were methodical with how they loaded each piece of furniture in the truck in order to maximize the available space. Because of that, some additional furniture pieces were included even if they were not in the original list of items indicated when our request was made. They were always gentle with all the items to avoid any breakage during the loading, traveling, and unloading. Our bookshelf and chinaware cabinets had glass and mirror panels but none broke throughout the move. Some parts had to be disassembled to lighten the furniture weight and separated to avoid damage but Black Ant re-assembled the pieces back together as soon as they arrived at the destination. Black Ant staff conducted themselves in a professional and jovial manner the whole time. Excellent service and great value overall.

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Luz Cometa over 3 years ago

They arrived earlier than the agreed time which worked really well. They took very good care of my things. The driver and helpers were very courteous. Recommended.

Black Ant Delivery Services replied:

Thank you very much for the rating mam! :) Till you next booking @

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Elisabert over 3 years ago

My transfer could be smooth , faster and less headache but too bad its the other way around. They came late, broke some of my stuff, not even say sorry for being late or for breaking my stuff. oh well..

Black Ant Delivery Services replied:

Hi, first of all i would like to clarify that I did apologize for the inconvenience that we may have caused you. I apologized and informed you few hours before the pick up time that they will be late because the fuel line broke in the middle of EDSA and trying to troubleshoot the vehicle and your reply was "you're late and unprofessional". Because you packed early, you wanted us to be there even before the scheduled time. Second po, about the items that my driver and helper "BROKE" which includes the electric fan etc. I tried to call you and even texted you to know what kind of fan it is for me replace the broken item with a new one. But you told me that you threw it away already cause it cant be used. Hope we can attach photos here so that we can post conversation or proof as well. Kasi whatever review or rating the customer gives us, it will reflect on how we give service to our clients. Maybe You just had a bad day. Oh well...

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