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Azis Cababan CPA Management Consulting (AC Consultancy) provides assistance to startup and existing companies to produce reliable and relevant financial reports. AC Consultancy also offers assistance in finding solutions to their existing business problems that include, but not limited to, the following:
a. Relevant cost Analysis
b. Break-even Analysis
c. Process Improvement and Documentation


Accounting and Bookkeeping
Our team of competent CPAs provides outsourced services covering the full scope of financial reporting – from the recording of transactions to preparing financial statements and other relevant reports – to assist the management in making sound economic decisions.
Our accounting and bookkeeping services will support our clients, both startups and existing, in preparing and maintaining the following:
1. Books of accounts
a. Cash Receipts and Disbursements Books
b. General Journal
c. Subsidiary Journals
d. General Ledger
e. Other Special Journals
2. Tax Computation and Preparation of forms
a. Monthly and Quarterly VAT Returns
b. Percentage tax returns (if applicable)
c. Monthly Withholding Tax – Expanded
d. Quarterly Income Tax Return
Review of accounting process and documentation
In order to comply with the requirements of good internal control and of the Philippine Financial Reporting Standards (PFRS), AC Consultancy also provides a review of existing accounting processes and its documentation:
1. Sales to cash receipts process
a. Review of revenue recognition policy in accordance with PFRS
b. Review of the segregation of duties
c. Accounts receivable management and review of policies on providing allowance for doubtful accounts
d. Documentation of the process
2. Purchase to pay process
a. Review policies related to purchasing from requisition to check preparation.
b. Review of the segregation of duties
c. Review of process in accrual
d. Documentation of the process
3. Financial statement close process
a. Review of policies in drafting adjusting entries
b. Review of FS presentation of accounts in accordance with PFRS
c. Review of process in making significant accounting policies, judgments and estimates
d. Documentation of the process
Management reporting and analysis
AC Consultancy believes that every management decision should be supported by accurate financial analysis to properly manage business risks. To address this need, AC Consultancy provides assistance in the analysis of current business problems, in the identification of relevant costs, and in the usage of these qualitative and quantitative information into a systematic and understandable report to help our clients in forming a solution to their business problems. AC Consultancy focuses on the following analyses:
1. Cost Analysis
a. Computation of cost per unit/service
b. Analysis of trends and cost behavior
2. Break-even Analysis
a. Computation of break-even in sales and in units
b. Drafting recommendations on how to maximize fixed costs and the economies of scale.
Budgeting and Forecasting
AC Consultancy understands the needs of our clients, one of which is to establish the going-concern status and the continuous growth of our clients’ businesses. With this, AC Consultancy provides assistance in preparing their budgets and forecasts aligned with the current status of the Philippine economy. Furthermore, AC Consultancy helps our valued clients to identify and to analyze variances in its forecast. 


Currently, we have clients from the following industries:

1.  Automotive Services
2. Individual Insurance Agents
3. Non-Profit Organizations


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