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Aqualogic Swim Co.

We are a group of Aquatic Educators from various swimming backgrounds dedicated to high-quality and personalized swimming instruction using the latest and most effective teaching methods.
Aqualogic Swim Co. is headed by Ria Mackay. She was a competitive swimmer in her younger years and has been teaching swimming both here and abroad for over 20 years. Expanding her teaching operations in 2006, she formed Aqualogic Swim Company.
Aqualogic Swim Co. is a member of the United States Swim School Association (USSSA) and World Aquatics Baby Congress (WABC).
We are the first licensed Total Immersion™ Swim School in the Philippines.
We conduct lessons in different venues in Metro Manila, namely Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, The Linden Suites, New World Hotel Makati, Fairmont Makati and The Village Sports Club in BF Homes Parañaque.
We have also provided swimming instruction for Kings International School Manila, Colegio San Agustin in Makati, The Keys School in Mandaluyong, and The Maria Montessori Children’s School Foundation in Parañaque.


Ria Mackay

Ria Mackay is the Founder and Head Instructor of Aqualogic Swim Co. She started competing for the Alabang Country Club Gators Swim Team at the age of 9, represented the Benedictine Abbey School and went on as captain of the De La Salle University Women’s Varsity Swimming Team.
She started teaching swimming at the age of 16 years old and has spent more than half her life sharing the joy of swimming to students as young as 6 months old.
She has been a Total Immersion™ Instructor since 2000, and travels to the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Guam to run workshops for Adults.
She joined the Cobra Ironman 70.3 in Camsur, Philippines in 2010 and 2011 as the swimmer for the Mixed Relay Category, and won 2nd and 1st place respectively.
She earned her Advanced Teacher Training Certification for Infant/Toddler Swimming from the Lifestyle Swim School in Boca Raton, Florida – recognized by the Swimming Hall of Fame as one of the leading authorities on swim instruction for young students in the U.S. She is a member of USSSA (United States Swim School Association), a global network of swim school owners and educators and attends conferences regularly.



AquaBabes (6-35 months, accompanied by parent)

Infants and Toddlers learn water safety and share fun memories with their parents using a gentle, non-traumatic approach through songs, games and lots of colorful toys.
AquaKids (3-12 years old)

A creative, non-traditional approach in teaching children essential swim skills using interactive games and engaging pool toys. Swim strokes are introduced focusing on technique and efficiency based on the principles of Total Immersion™ – the world’s leading authority in swimming instruction.
AquaTech (13 years old & above)

Using the Total Immersion™ method, adults learn proper stroke technique through a progression of drills that lay the foundation for graceful and effortless swimming, regardless of age or skill level.




Aqualogic sets-up a great and safe swimming environment for babies and toddlers. They learn to appreciate swimming through lots of play.
— Charmaine Abueva, mom of Martina (started at 20 months)
Aqualogic encourages the parents to take active participation in the learning process of the child.
— Bim Zulueta, mom of Alo (started at 15 months)
I am very happy with the method of teaching as it is similar to what Joel was learning in Australia, therefore the routine and songs were familiar to him already.
— Kaylene Powell, mom of Joel (started at 13 months)
The teaching is personalized based on every child’s capacity, and not one general lesson. Because of that, everyone’s skills are honed to the best of their capacity.
— Trisia Bustamante, mom of Sarita (started at 18 months)

Lorenzo was immediately very comfortable with the class and his teachers. I signed him up for soccer class and after a few lessons, he refused to go back and said he only wants to go to his swimming classes!
— Kimmy Flaviano, mom of Lorenzo (started at 4 years)
The benefit of swimming instruction at Aqualogic is the emphasis they put in developing the correct form and technique in swimming which will serve as a strong foundation for Joey if and when she decides to take swimming as a competitive sport.
— Mel Abesamis, dad of Joey (started at 6 years old)
The teachers are very gentle with, and understanding of, the children. Anxiety with the water is addressed at the outset so that the child gets comfortable quickly. The lessons are fun because they involve a lot of play. The children probably do not even notice that they are in school.
— Ariel Arriola, dad of Martin (started at 5 years) and Bianca (started at 2 years)
My daughter Reese was enrolled in another swim school prior to Aqualogic. She cried endlessly and refused to go in the water. She was petrified with her instructor. I was hesitant to further put her through swim school since she was so traumatized. But just after her first session with Aqualogic, she voluntarily went in the water and became very confident. She can now jump on her own and swim few meters without hesitation.
— Nikki Ng, mom of Brett (started at 4 years) and Reese (started at 2 years)

What I like about it is it is never rushed. Students learn at their own pace. The instructors persistently remind the students the correct form and they are very patient.
— Mark Bonifacio, 29 years old, PR Executive
The swimming technique is very efficient. If you get the stroke right, you can do laps for hours and not really get tired. It’s like Zen swimming!
— Mel Dolera, 30 years old, Training Director
Not only do I have the confidence to compete in triathlons, but I have now discovered the joy of swimming.
— Raffy Puno, 37 years old, CEO
As a surfer, I wanted to be more confident swimming in open water, and because of the conditions of being in a rip current, being drifted occasionally in the ocean, I wanted to know more how to improve how to swim efficiently, without tiring myself. Since my 1st 4 classes with Aquatech, I began to notice the big difference in my strokes and my form.
— Margarita Camacho, 35 years old, Director for Retail Operations and Marketing



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