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  • Hilario Evangelista

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About me

Hello! I'm Hilario Evangelista. just call me Larry for short! :)
I have 27 years of experience in this kind of field. Looking for an appliance repair technician with a retail store to improvise customer service by applying my appliance repairing and troubleshooting skills.

• Experienced in repairing all types of home appliances

• In-depth understanding of the principles of electricity and physics

• Excellent ability to interpret electrical/mechanical diagrams and repair appliances accordingly

• Skilled in processing paperwork in a professional manner

• Strong customer service and communication skills

• Ability to sort out tasks and finish them in a timely manner

• Complete knowledge of common consumer appliances

• Strong troubleshooting and research skills

• Skilled in performing installation and repair according to manufacturer specs

My services

• Aircon Repair

• Aircon Installation

• Aircon Service & Maintenance

• Appliance Service & Maintenance

• Fan Installation

• Fan Repair

• Home Appliance Inspection

• Home Appliance Installation

• Home Appliance Repair

• Microwave Repair

• Oven Repair

• Vacuum Cleaner Repair

• Washing Machine / Dryer Repair

• Waterproofing Repair

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