AMV Business Center

Serving since February 2016
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My experience in the field of Accounting and Government Compliance started since 2002 when I was still in the corporate world in Philippines and abroad.

The business started through the encouragement of friends and relatives whom I have personally assisted with regards to opening and registering their businesses, answering their questions and orienting them about their complex transactions with government agencies which later on became a part-time leisure for a fee. Through word of mouth from satisfied contacts, prospects started to inquire until a business name: AMV Business Center has been created and officially registered in 2013. It was unexpected that my units acquired from the ADMU Business School been applied in my own Company.

At the moment, the Company is composed of 11 personnel including myself as a General Manager:

1. Accounting and Admin Supervisor

2. Acctg & Administrative Assistant

3. 2 Accounting & Administrative Staff

4. 2 Accounting & Admin Support Staff

5. Compliance Coordinator

6. 2 Liaison Staffs

7. Sales & Marketing Manager

8. IT Services Team Lead

We cover National Capital Region areas and cities nearby like Antipolo, Cavite, Batangas, Tagaytay, Laguna, etc.
Major Clients:
1. Philippine Familymart CVS, Inc. Head Office in Makati and branches nationwide.
2. Familymart Franchise Owned Stores - located nationwide
3. Netopia Internet Cafe's Franchise owned branches - Makati and Quezon City
Clients' Nationalities:
Filipino, Chinese, Korean & Japanese


Business Registration

with SEC, DTI, Local Government, BIR, SSS, PHilhealth & HDMF

- New
- Renewal
- Retirement
- Transfer of Business
- Amendment

Government Compliance and Consulting

with SEC, SSS, Philhealth and HDMF

- Reporting
- Payment Remittance

with BIR

- Reporting / Payment Remittance
 (monthly, quarterly, annual compliance e.g. annual ITR thru eBIR / eFPS reporting) 
- eSales reporting
- OR & Invoice Printing with ATP application
- POS Registration through eAccreg
- POS Cancellation
- Open Cases settlement​


Payroll Preparation

Business Process Outsourcing
- VAT Relief Preparation
- Encoding of ORs and Invoices in excel sheet
- Encoding of correspondences in word files

Courier and Messengerial Services
- filing, submission and delivery of documents to government agencies and company offices.

IT Related Services
- Lan Cabling (Inhouse & structural)
- CCTV Installation
- Windows, Linux server setup,
installation and migrations
- Preventive Maintenance
- Computer System Upgrades
- Computer Assembly
- B-new & 2nd Hand Computer Set
- Pc & Laptop Repair
- Printer repair (Epson) and adjustment program (Epson)


1) Acquisition of permits and licenses without engaging into bribes and red tape with government employees since we started the operation of our business in 2013. This is the main reason why we were contracted by a known convenience store company and why all our Clients been loyal to us.
2) Reduction of government penalties up to 60% or totally waived (depending on the case)
3) With our 5 years of operation, we never engaged in a facilitation and bribes with the government yet we are able to process and claim requirements on time.



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