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Unit 12D, Tower 2, El Dorado Bldg., California Garden Square, Mandaluyong, 1550

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About me

Adele and Vita are the second names of my two girls, Sophie and Ellie. I cannot think of any other name for this new baby of mine, than to combine the names of my two greatest inspirations in life. After all, it was my love for them (and their father as well) that inspired me to go into baking.

I love sweets, especially cakes and cupcakes. My love for sweets is something that urged me to try my hand in baking. I wanted to churn out freshly baked goodies right from our oven. I get this utter satisfaction of knowing that I myself have made whatever it is that I give my girls.

I have no degree in baking or pastry arts to boast of; I am a self-taught baker. The lessons I have, those that I have accumulated from years of trial and error; the knowledge I am armed with, those that I have gained from my experiences in trying things out. But this is my commitment: That I will craft my creations, as if it is for my own two daughters.

For a mother like me, that is a promise you can firmly hold on to.

--Vanenie, mommy baker

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My services

We can provide custom cakes and cupcakes, as well as other pastries. All our products are baked fresh, with no preservatives added. All creations are handmade with love, as if they are made for my own girls, Adele & Vita.

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