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Why Waterproofing is Important in Valenzuela

Water may be the source of all life and it may also be the reason why many things can run the way they do. But it can also be a force of destruction especially when many of the structures are made of wood. Valenzuela is a historical city that preserves old cultures and architecture such as Spanish designs which were made in wood. Here are some reasons why waterproofing is important in Valenzuela.

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Preservation of the Historical Landmarks

Many historical landmarks in Valenzuela are houses. And many of these houses still retain the same material that’s been keeping them alive for the last 300 more or less years.Some of these houses still use wood to keep the authentic structure of the house. But the problem with wood is that when it gets wet, it begins to rot. So, the best way to preserve those houses is to start waterproofing them. Losing these houses can mean losing a big portion of our country’s history to the natural elements.

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When flooding gets back, so does the traffic. And since Valenzuela is the northern gateway to Metro Manila, the traffic is already bad. If the place gets flooded, so much more. Waterproofing places is one of the ways to keep the roads clear and also by doing this in your house, you do this also for the community as you save water and help redirect the flow of water towards its proper place. Most of all, you also help ease the traffic as not all cars are equipped to handle heavy flooding.


Delaying business

In Valenzuela, one of its most prominent business industries is their tourism. But if everything is drenched and flooded, who’s going to want to go? This is why waterproofing is extremely important. In a tourism-based place like Valenzuela, flooding can be a large deterrent for business and waterproofing should be the number one priority to make sure that not only would its locals be safe but to those who wish to enjoy the historical easter eggs in the city. 

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