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Renovation Services in Valenzuela

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We get you the best renovation services in Valenzuela, so you get more free time for all the fun things in life.

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Whenever you need renovation services for your house, condo, apartment or office, we've got all the best renovation professionals for you!

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Hire top rated renovation services in Valenzuela and get the job done with Gawin, the best "service marketplace / platform" in the Philippines

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Burger Joints of Valenzuela

While Valenzuela is known for being a historical place, Valenzuela has much more to offer than just that. They have restaurants that still hold the modern taste of people and they have the perfect balance of both history and modernity. And what better way to celebrate modern day age by eating a burger?

Coal spot burger   steak

Coal Spot Burger and Steak

Unlike most restaurants, Coal Spot Burger and Steak opens at 3PM but lasts until midnight! So, if you’re in for a good midnight snack – Coal Spot may have something for you. A casual restaurant, Coal Spot Burger and Steak has a sister joint also in Dapitan where they also serve their specialties of both steaks and burgers. For a combo meal, it only costs PHP150.00. One of their famous burgers is known as the Tap Out burger. The burger is so big that it can be cut into four at the price of a regular burger bought from the usual burger joints. Although it is a small quaint place, Coal Spot Burgers and Steaks definitely has your stomach in its best interests.

For long gun burger

The Long Gun Is A Burger Joint

The word play for Long Gun is actually a Pinoy spin-off on an American favourite. How you ask? By making Longganisa burgers! You can be assured that all burgers are freshly made before the person orders it. Although the waiting time is a bit long, you’re assured the freshness and the juiciness of your burger. They have a wide range from 100% Cabatuan Longganisa burgers or to 100% pure beef burgers if you’re really looking for the beefy taste.

Barney s burger

Barney's Burger

A small hole in the wall, while Barney’s burgers don’t boast about their size – it’s their quality that counts. Barney’s Burgers orders often come with a side of thick freshly cut and deep fried, French fries and a pasta dish. While appearing to be the usual Jollibee and Burger King kind of burger, Barney’s burger definitely shows and gives the difference as to why it’s a Barney’s Burger and not just some run in the mill Burger. One of their best sellers, the Fully Loaded, is the burger that has everything in it! The tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and they also have extra add-ons to make it truly an enjoyable experience!

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Via Alvarez

Maverick Allied Services

The workmanship is great. I would recommend maverick allied services to everyone. The price, i think is just enough for the work they have done. Overall, i am thankful to them for meeting the deadline. :)

Jane Barreeiro

Maverick Allied Services

The painter who did the work is good at his work. He is very professional. He just one had lapse when he didn't follow the color he was supposed to copy but was corrected. There were some minor retouches after the work was done. He should have seen this too but he was already proceeding with the additional paint job we contracted with them. I would recommend them because they are good and I think they didn't overcharge us.