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Three Historical Trivias About Valenzuela City

Valenzuela City, despite it not being as famous as Metro Manila, has many things to offer. Valenzuela may not be as modern and may not have as much malls as the big city. But for those who can appreciate the historical and cultural beauty of the city would enjoy going to Valenzuela. Valenzuela City is one of the cities that have preserved its heritage from the Spaniards as many of the cities had been taken by both the Americans and the Japanese during the wars. Here are some reasons why you should got Valenzuela city especially for a field trip.


Home of the Katipuneros

Fun fact about Valenzuela: it was the main base of operations for the famous Katipuneros headed by Andres Bonifacio. Valenzuela was so hidden in terms of geography that the Spaniards had a hard time invading the city. While Valenzuela then served as a home base for the Katipuneros, they were constantly fed with information by Dr. Pio Valenzuela – the city’s namesake – and then continued their revolution with the information they had. Sadly, they did not last very long when one of the Katipuneros confessed to his sister who then confessed to a priest the secrets of the Katipunan.


Valenzuela’s old name was Polo

Long before, the city was a fishing and an agricultural town. It was called this due to its unique geography of having two rivers cut through the city – The Tullahan river which lead straight into the Pasig River and the Rio de Pampanga River from the North. Because of this, many of the Valenzuela’s former inhabitants were fishermen and also farmers. The name Polo was from the Filipino word pulo in which the Filipino inhabitants of that time believed that Valenzuela’s unique geography separated them from the rest of the cities in NCR.

San diego

The Shattering of the Bell Tower in San Diego Alcala Church

This bell tower was a historical piece from the Spanish era. During the times when Valenzuela had been newly converted into a barrangay, the cabeza then would work with the priest who managed the parish of San Diego Alcala in an effort to establish it as an independent town. However, during the World War II - the liberation of Valenzuela underwent razing and destruction by both American and Filipino forces. The belfry of the San Diego Alcala church was not spared. Under the assumption that there were Japanese forces hiding inside the tower, the tower was razed and destroyed. However, over the years, the belfry had been restored to its former glory as a reminder of the culturally rich era of the past. 

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