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Food Places to Try in Valenzuela

When in Valenzuela, you’d find that there are many food places to try. After a long day of touring the city in the weekend, wind down and relax with some hearty meals in these three restaurants. 

Partea corner

Partea Corner

Located along McArthur Highway, Partea is popular for its wide selection of delectable but affordable meals. Try out their menu of Frappe’s, their Cheesy Bacon Burger and their Pork/Beef Teriyaki Meal. 

Barneys burger

Barneys Burger

When it’s a question of burgers, Barneys Burger is definitely the answer around here in Valenzuela. Feast on any of their meaty burgers - you can try their special Fully-Loaded burger or go for their Bacon BBQ Burger, and add some fries on the side. Barneys is located along Sampaguita Street, Villa Teresa Subdivision. 

Golden crown

Golden Crown Food Center

Located along McArthur Highway, Golden Crown Food Center is the perfect place to satisfy your craving for Chinese food in Valenzuela. All their menu times are served in generous proportions and at affordable prices. Try out their Golden Crown Special Pansit, and their Golden Crown Fried Rice!