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Valenzuela's Delightful Hidden Persian Jewels You Must Find

In Valenzuela, there are many historical jewels. Many of them are sites of great heroes and houses of history that can only be found in the city. But historical jewels are not the only things you can find in Valenzuela. There are also restaurants that many of the locals enjoy. And if it’s one cuisine that doesn’t get old, it’s good Lebanese cuisine.

Kboo biryani

Kboo’s Biryani Kitchen

Kboo’s Biryani Kitchen has a different specialty instead of the usual shawarma. Their specialty is Biryani - a spicy curry stew served with some spicy biryani rice. One of their main specialties is their Chicken Biryani - served with Basmati Rice tossed in Indian spices for that Persian kick in spiciness. They also have a different approach on Mutton (goat) which they also serve as Biryani with their signature Basmati rice. The Kboo’s Biryani Kitchen is one of the few restaurants that have vegetarian recipes for those who are looking for a lighter meal but still wanting to experience the Persian kick.

Kazam kebab

Kazam Kebab House

In Kazam Kebab House, their specialties are more into Kebabs - grilled meat made into long strips that are meant to be enjoyed with a grilled slice tomato and some buttered rice. Some of their specialties involve Chelo Kebabs such as their Chelo Kebab Mahksos which is a combination of grilled beef and the soft grilled beef tenderloin. They also have Shawarma Rice meals which has always been the classic favourites for those who love Persian food. And if you’re in for an adventure, there’s some ox brain omelette that’s waiting to be tried.

For hubz

Hubz Shawarma

If you have no time to sit down and want a quick meal or a snack to feast on while watching a movie, then Hubz Shawarma is definitely the one for you. The shawarma is made fresh with a toasted soft white pita wrap then filled with freshly grilled meat and vegetables before being wrapped into one whole bite of beefy Persian goodness. Hubz Shawarma is more of a stall than a restaurant which has a faster turnover and gets people to try more of their amazing shawarma. They have two ways on how to eat a shawarma, either with rice or with a pita bread. Yours can have vegetables one day and then the next day there’s no veggies. What better way to enjoy a stroll than have a shawarma after a tough day at work?

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Joel Briones


I am very satisfied with their service. First, arranging the cleaning schedule was professionally straightforward and pleasant. Second, their staff arrived on time and were efficient. Third, the rate they charged me was reasonable for the amount of work accomplished. I will be using their services again in the future.

Abby Chan

e & s management services corp

Quality of work was very good at an affordable price. They cleaned thoroughly including the areas under the bed, glass windows and doors. Cleaners were professional and polite. Management was responsive to inquiries and specific requests. Over-all service was definitely worth the price.