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Aircon Repair Services in Valenzuela

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Whenever you need aircon repairs for your house, condo, apartment or office, we've got all the best aircon professionals for you!

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Get free quotes from several top rated aircon repair service professionals in Valenzuela to compare and get the best prices, for any schedule of your liking.

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Let Gawin take care of your aircon problems so you can live your life hassle free.

Coffee Time in Valenzuela

Coffee is the lifeblood to all who work and face stress through life. A cup of coffee not only rejuvenates but also relaxes the body and mind after a terrifying load of stress. It’s also this coffee that pushes you to keep going and fight through the everyday battle we call life. Just because you’re not in Tagaytay doesn’t mean you can’t get a good cup of coffee. Even if there’s no Starbucks near you in Valenzuela, here are some places in Valenzuela that can help you satisfy your urge for coffee.

Ethans cafe

Ethan’s Cafe

With a wonderful ambiance and exceptional desserts, Ethan’s Cafe is bound to take your vote. Their accommodating staff is also what gets people coming in here plus their hot meals are ones known to give anybody a nostalgic trip after a first bite. Known as one of the best restaurants in Valenzuela, Ethan’s Cafe is a definite must try while in Valenzuela. Their coffees come in both hot and cold and are served in a simple yet artistic way that reflect the rustic place that is Ethan’s Cafe. Their best sellers would be their simple Cafe Mocha for the cold drinks and the Ethan’s Chocolate de Batirol for the hot drinks.It’s a place of both aesthetics and good comfort food after a long hard day at work.


Tully’s Coffee

If you’re looking for a more coffee looking place, Tully’s Coffee may be the one for you.Tully’s Coffee is Valenzuela’s version of Seattle’s Best or Starbucks. Their take on cofee is similar to that of a modern barista working around Starbucks. Their coffees range from cold to hot and classifying each of their coffees by how they are prepared. For their espresso, they have the simple yet satisfying Caramel Macchiato for those who love a kick of sweetness in their coffee. And for their signature favourites, they have either the White Mocha or the Intense Dark Mocha - the perfect mixture and blend of both coffee and chocolate. 



In Figaro, the coffee here is different and more focused on the Italian taste of coffee. Although it’s not the usual heavy kick that most people look in coffee, it’s the smoothness of their coffee that wins them in taste. Their most delectable coffee would be the Butterscotch Vanilla coffee which could be savoured in both hot and cold. The Butterscotch Vanilla has the creamy taste of milk and sweetness of caramel all blending well with the freshly brewed coffee. They also opened a new section of Frappe Frosts to help deal with the Philippine heat in which their best sellers are the Butterscotch Vanilla with Coffee Jelly and the Creme Brulee. It’s a definite must go if you’re looking for smooth coffee that doesn’t leave an aftertaste.

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Lorelie Ann Abella

Mister Fixit

We were very happy with their service! They were very professional and pleasing to work with. They were even receptive and open to an impromptu request to service an additional unit. Highly recommended!