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Painting Walls in Taguig

Painting is normally fun especially when it’s on your own canvas. But when it comes to painting big apartments and houses, it starts to become a little more complicated. Especially when your place is in Taguig, getting painters out of nowhere isn’t easy. So, how do you find good painters to help fix your place in Taguig? Here are some ways that you can get painting done in Taguig.

Ask around

Ask around

Taguig is home to many foreigners and thus, they would probably know a few people who are willing to paint your apartment or house for a good price. Also, since Taguig is near Dasma Village, you can ask some of your friends who live in Dasma if they know any good painters. Many of the houses there too are rented out to foreigners who look forward to living in the Philippines so maybe asking the owners of the house might help in finding a good painter.

Modern house

Look at the houses around you

Tired of your old look? The best part about Taguig is that it’s easy to walk around in. And when you walk around, you get to see the houses that are in Taguig. Each house has its own special design so you can look around and see. Do you want a more modern house or do you want some like a traditional old Spanish house? With the many different families living in Taguig, finding inspiration to have your house painted will be a fun experience.

Art wall brush painting

Check the weather

Since the weather in the Philippines could be a bit unpredictable, you have to know how to read the weather in hopes of getting your house painted right. Since Taguig has many buildings, there is a good chance that the water may splatter on the building instead of your house if it’s much taller than your house. But if it’s on the inside, make sure you have vents inside your house to let out the smell and let some heat dry up the paint. With a small number of trees in Taguig, the heat in Taguig accumulates and can dry up your house especially with the incoming winds. 

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The job rendered from Julius Cordero and his team are done perfect. They are very efficient and professional. They repaint my condo unit beautifully. I even requested them for some installation of my fixture and he gave me very reasonable price. So if your thinking of repainting your house or condo ........ i highly recommend him.