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Looking for the Chinatown in San Juan

San Juan has been famous for several things. Being the homeground of many political families and Chinese families, having a large shopping centre being at least a five minute drive from each of the subdivisions of the village, and most of all - being home to the next biggest tiangge in Metro Manila has made San Juan flourish without losing its touch to urbanization. But in the midst of all that, there are still some restaurants that still retained the old San Juan touch. And these restaurants never went down for a reason: simply because they’re that good. And if you’re looking for Chinese food in San Juan, here are the places to go.

Gloria maris

Gloria Maris

While known as the Sharksfin restaurant, Gloria Maris has been serving many of its Chinese patrons for years. The many things they have done include expanding their restaurant into a Hotpot Restaurant where people can enjoy throwing food into a pot and having a flavourful soup. But if you’re not in for cooking, then their dimsum is a must-try especially with their noodles and soup. Their desserts are a big hit too such as their nostalgia-tripping mango sago and their Taho which could be served hot or cold. Gloria Maris has survived for so long with their signature Hakaw and Sharks Fin dumplings. If you’re allergic to shrimp, no need to worry. Gloria Maris has a wide-array of dimsum to choose from. 

Mann hann

Mann Hann

Unlike most Chinese restaurants, Mann Hann has taken a more unique twist on how they entertain their customers. While most Chinese restaurants would appear in fancy Chinese-themed decorations, Mann Hann has adopted a more zen decor that would help you relax and enjoy some casual dining. Their bestselling foods are their Seafood Sate Chami, thick noodles sauteed and tossed with satay sauce and several kinds of seafood. For the more adventurous kind, their oyster cake is a must try which they serve with ketchup and their own version of atchara. And for the finisher for the meal, their Buko Sherbet is the best to enjoy be it on a rainy day or a warm summer afternoon. 

Hai kang

Hai Kang

Hai Kang may be titled for being a seafood restaurant but their true specialty is their ability to cook duck in three different ways. Their roast duck has always been the star of the show especially in lauriats and big family gatherings where they can talk and enjoy each other’s company. Another one of their good dishes is their crunchy fried taro puffs which are deep fried and filled with seafood inside. And what kind of Chinese restaurant would they be if they didn’t serve the all-time favourite creamy hot chicken and prawn salad? Hai Kang has been stationed on Wilson street for a long time and has always served as a restaurant for those who have big Chinese families. And if they’re surviving and always full, you know that you just have to try the restaurant.

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