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Hardwares and Paintings in San Juan

San Juan is a fusion of both residential and commercial living. They have famous Shoppesville which houses the many tiangges and the malls that cater to those who want high-end restaurants. Most of all, many of their restaurants cater to the Chinese families that live around. They also have two large schools within the area for families to send their children to. The place would be a pragmatic’s dream place. But in every city, there’s always a consideration: the expense of upkeep. And part of that upkeep is keeping the house painted well. Where do you go for your DIY list of hardware? Here are some places you can go to.


Ace Hardware

In the V-Mall, the famous Ace Hardware is in the second floor of the mall. In Ace Hardware, they have everything from bulbs, bolts, nuts - all the way to paint. And when you’re trying to design a room, it’s important to have a paint catalog nearby and Ace Hardware has a paint catalog and also some sample designs to help you figure out what color you want your place to be. Want a cool and relaxing color? Go for colors in the blue spectrum. Want a strong color? Go for red. Looking for something more distinct to match your colorful personality? Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors!


DIY Hardware Store

In the shoppesville building, there is a store known as the DIY Hardware Store. Here in this place, they also sell tools that can help you get your painting done faster. There are roller brushes or if you want to have fun, you have spray guns to help get the painting done. They’re also drying lamps to speed up the drying time for paint. 



RGY is within the V-Mall and is in one of the alleyways that lead into the cellphone haven that is the tiangge in Shoppesville. RGY has many electronics accessories that can help fix your painting devices and gadgets to help speed up the painting process. Painting your house shouldn’t require you to break your back and do it with a fine-tip brush. Always innovate and find ways to set up a gadget that can help you do a job faster. And if you’re looking for little knick-knacks and nuts to help you build up your painting machine, go to RGY. 

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