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San Juan’s Italian Giants

Ciao! Welcome to San Juan! While most people know San Juan for Shoppesville and the tiangges for cellphones and cellphone accessories, there are other places to enjoy while here in San Juan. In San Juan, majority of the patrons are students from the three schools nearby: La Salle, ICA, and Xavier in which many of the restaurants are more into modern tastes and flavours. However, there are some Italian restaurants here that also cater to more fancy palettes.

Cafe ysabel

Cafe Ysabel

Owned by the famous Chef Eugene Gonzales, Cafe Ysabel has been standing in the back streets of Wilson for the longest time. With its old style yet elegant ambiance, people have frequented the cafe for business meetings and other grand celebrations. Their pastas here are homemade (you can choose between regular pasta seca or pasta fresca), made with different exquisite flavours which are definite tease for the tongue. For one of the kid favourites but with a seafood twist, they have Salmon Lasagna. Made with a creamy bechamel sauce on top with salmon baked in between the noodles, the Salmon Lasagna is a definite must to eat while there. Looking for something more exciting? Try their Angry Sauce pasta. Spiked with vodka and brandy, your tomato sauce pasta is definitely in for a kick as its tossed with fresh shellfish and salami. Allergic to shellfish? It’s okay, they have also the Polly’s Pasta which is mixed with Calumpit sausages and juicy black olives. A must go to for exotic pastas! Not in the mood for pasta? That’s fine too. They have grilled lamb served with mushroom ragout and a potent cognac sauce.



For the thin crust pizza and their more modern flavours, Pasto in Theatre Mall definitely wins in the fusion style of Italian cooking. Their mushroom soup is simply divine, cooked and boiled with wild mushrooms to give it the steak-like flavour in the form of soup.One of their more famous pizzas in spite of its simplicity is the Pizza Bianca which is served with freshly plucked Basil and cheese. Their pastas are no pushover either. For cheese lovers, they have the Quattro Formagi - served with four kinds of cheese that definitely burst in the mouth for those who crave the cheezy goodness in pasta. For seafood lovers, they have three pastas: the creamy tomato Gamberi Rosa, the herb-alicious Pesto Di Marre, and the elegant yet fancy white wine Frutti di Marre. For those looking for a more modern take on their flavours, look no further than Pasto.

Little italy

Little Italy

Recently opened in Promenade Mall, Little Italy is a place definitely meant for the Famiglia especially when looking for a heavy meal. Many of their orders do also have a different take on how they’re usually served. Mozarella sticks? That’s usually the form of mozarella. But in this case, they made them into triangles for easy eating while served with a fresh batch of tomato pomodoro sauce. To go with that, for meat eaters - they have their all meat Pizza Gabriella. Filling every inch of the pizza with salami, pepperoni, smoked, bacon, and ham before being baked with a generous layer of mozarella cheese and tomato sauce, this pizza is definitely bound to fill you up. And for their pasta, they have the creamy Pasta Alfredo for those creamy and milk flavour lovers and the Pomodorini made with cherry tomatoes, slivers of garlic, basil, and arugula before being topped off with a light drizzle of olive oil.

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Joel Briones


I am very satisfied with their service. First, arranging the cleaning schedule was professionally straightforward and pleasant. Second, their staff arrived on time and were efficient. Third, the rate they charged me was reasonable for the amount of work accomplished. I will be using their services again in the future.

Abby Chan

e & s management services corp

Quality of work was very good at an affordable price. They cleaned thoroughly including the areas under the bed, glass windows and doors. Cleaners were professional and polite. Management was responsive to inquiries and specific requests. Over-all service was definitely worth the price.