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How To Handle Certain Pests in Quezon City

Pests are a common thing in many cities. The way to handle them however differs per city. Some would just rather scream at the exterminator. Others would prefer a more terminal solution. Others would just accept the fact that the pests will infiltrate their home. But there are always some environment-friendly and conscience-friendly ways to help you deal with pests. Here are some ways:

Stray dog

Stray Cats and Dogs

Stray cats and dogs, as much as they are cute, can sometimes bring disease when they scratch or they bite. If you intend to not make this stray cat or dog a pest, you can leave a dish of food outside your house that may attract it. Observe its behavioral patterns first and leave a dish of food in the same place, same time you always do. Therefore, you condition the animal to trust you. After a while, you can show yourself and let the animal eat from the dish while it recognizes you that you’re the one who left it out. With that, the cat or dog no longer becomes a pest but a forever friend. And they’re a lot of veterinary clinics nearby and also pet shops to cater to your pet needs here in Quezon City. Besides, studies have shown that having a pet can help manage Depression and Stress.



Cockroaches are annoying. Let’s face it. They’re the thing that terrifies all people alike especially when they fly. So, how do you deal with cockroaches especially on the rainy season? Especially when you’re inflicted with gokiburiphobia (an intense fear of cockroaches)? Here in QC circle, there are pellet guns you can buy if you’re into shooting. Practice your shooting with a simple hand gun to take them out. Or, use boric acid with some cockroach bait to poison them. A company known as Escents makes cockroach bait and killer but only upon ordering. Another way to deal with cockroaches is to seal up any cracks and holes so they don’t get in. As long as they aren’t in your house, you should be just fine.



Termites feed on wood. And for those who have a garden, termites would be your number one enemy. To get rid of termites, this one calls for a more experienced hand. An exterminator has a special way of tracking them down which is to use echolocation. Echolocation is to track creatures with soundwaves which is also helpful when it comes to tracking the termite queen. Termites are best found early and taken out early; the longer you leave them out - the faster your house will collapse and your garden will be destroyed. 

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