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The Must-Knows of Quezon City

In Quezon City, there are a whole lot of places that people sometimes fail to notice or just hear of the place but never go to. Especially since traffic has gotten worse over the years, it’s hard to convince people to crawl out of their beds, get in their cars, and explore! But Quezon City has a lot to offer!


Banawe Street AKA The China Town of Quezon City

At the northern end of Quezon City almost bordering Sta. Mesa, this is the place some would like to call “Chinatown.” While most people have the issues of the alleys looking sketchy, this is the place you go to not just for a good Chinese food trip. But for car parts. Why go to the casas when one can easily procure the same part here along the streets of Banawe? Each stall caters to a car brand and some even sell special parts that not even the casas have. For car junkies, this is the place to go. Want to build up a race car without burning a hole through your wallet? This is the place. Parts can cost almost 1/10th the original price around this area. It’s basically haggle city for all your car-part procurement needs!

Qc circle

Quezon City Circle, The Activity Square of Quezon City

One of the biggest parks in Quezon City also known as The Quezon City Memorial Circle, found at the end of the under pass coming from Quezon Avenue. If you see the construction of what is rumoured to be the tallest building in Quezon City, that’s the right direction! The place is like the stereotypical park where people do all sorts of things. They have early morning Zumba Classes, a bike rental (it’s PHP 100.00/hour), weekend and nightly bazaars – it’s the activity square for majority of the events here in Quezon City! Sometimes, martial arts tournaments also occur here such as that held by the Pasindo School of Arnis. And time it right, one could even see the Horticulture festival where people from all over the world bring their prized plants to show off. 

Farmers market

Farmer’s Market, Cubao

While Cubao is often known as the place where concerts are often held, Cubao has much more offer. Other than the MRT-3 station heading north to south intersecting with LRT-2 that heads east to west, there is a little gem that lies past that. But if you look deeper into the heart of Cubao, you’ll encounter one of the biggest wet markets in Quezon City. Here, all the fresh food is at your disposal. You can clearly smell the sweet smell of vegetables and fruits that are from different stalls. The pungent smell of fresh fish would fill your nose and you get to even watch the shrimp swimming in their little tanks. It’s the perfect place to procure fresh produce!

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The job rendered from Julius Cordero and his team are done perfect. They are very efficient and professional. They repaint my condo unit beautifully. I even requested them for some installation of my fixture and he gave me very reasonable price. So if your thinking of repainting your house or condo ........ i highly recommend him.