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Waterproofing Installation Services in Pateros

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Things to do in Pateros

Pateros is derived from the Tagalog words "pato", the duck that lays the eggs for balut making, and "sapatero", the word for shoemake. If you’re in for an adventure for a blast from the past and want to indulge on authentic Filipino dishes, you should try this!

Alfombra slippers

Buy Alfombra Slippers 

Slipper manufacturing is one of the well known industries for the people of Pateros. With the people’s innovative shoemaking skills, a different line of footwear emerged and it was called "Alfombra." The name means "carpet" in Spanish, and literally, the alfombra is a pair of slippers with carpeting. It is one of the best indoor slippers because of its comfort and durability. Colorful and very appealing, every pair is an absolute beauty. Seemingly, the alfombra is uniquely Filipino and only skilled shoemakers of Pateros can do it correctly.The beautiful and colorful alfombra is a big part of the culture and way of life of the people of Pateros. If you’re looking for uniquely Filipino gift for your friends, you can buy at store outlets located along M.Almeda and B. Morilla Streets. 

Balut sa puti

Attend Balut sa Puti Festival

The town holds an annual event called the Balut sa Puti Festival every 31st of January. It is a food festival featuring a cooking competition of the exotic Philippine delicacy, Balut. The festival promotes the image of Pateros as a producer of the best quality Balut in the world. People of Pateros gather to have a street party with a live band, plus drinking ice cold beer together with Balut. Residents also create special cuisines out of balut during the festival. It is an interesting event for many food lovers. If you have never visited Pateros, try to taste the balut! 

Local rice cake

Taste the local rice cake

The city is also known for the production of "inutak," a local rice cake. Inutak is a tasty delicacy from Pateros named for its gooey, "brain-like" consistency and is made of purple yam that is squeezed between layers of bibingka or rice cakes. It is best paired with vanilla ice cream. It comes in other flavors too, like quezo de bola, corn, and chocolate. If you want a slice or two of this local rice cake, then head to Kristina’s Premium Inutak. 

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They recommended an innovative solution, which I previously was not familiar with. It was cheaper than traditional methods of roof gutter repair, but very effective. Throughout the whole process, COC Family Trading was professional to deal with. They impressed me as experts in roof repair and waterproofing.