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Plumbing 101 in Pateros

When it comes to plumbing, every place has a different configuration. What usually dictates the configuration are the kinds of businesses that are within that area. Pateros is a city that relies on livestock and also that relies on fermenting for their famous balut eggs. So, what are the things to take note of before installing some plumbing in Pateros? Here are some things to take note of.

Grade pip

The grade of pipes

When dealing with livestock, you can’t just get regular pipes. Regular pipes may as well end up clogging and you’ll end up calling a plumber just to declog all the dirt that caked up in the pipes. That’s why some of the pipes people use are wider and more industrial grade in order to accommodate more dirt and less prone to clogging.

Rsz plumbing

Lay down blueprints as to where you want the pipes to go

Nobody likes mixing up pipes especially, when it comes to mixing clean water and dirty water. Before you install the plumbing or repair the plumbing, trace the lines as to where the pipelines go and as to where they get their water. By knowing the origin and end of the pipelines, it would be easier to track down a leak and center in on the problem instead of overhauling the entire pipeline system just to get rid of one tiny leak. By also knowing the blueprints, you can also improve your line and conserve water. Thus, indirectly - save some money on water.

Water meter

Check your water meter every month

When people rent some places, they figure that it’s easier to get another water meter than to change the old one. However, there are times that there can be leaks which may cause either one of the water meters to spike up in amount. This may cause future problems especially on financials so as much as possible, examine your water meters while you can because a spike in the water meter is the first symptom of your pipes possibly having a leak. 

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