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How to enjoy Pateros

Pateros is known for their Balut and Alfombra slippers but they are not the only things you could know about the city. Here are the events and places you can visit in Pateros!

Full moon festival

Full moon festival

The senior citizens of Pateros also get their fun ever Full Moon Festival. People gather together for a program that aims to revive the city’s culture. Such activities are Harana, Balagtasan, Pandangguhan, etc. 

Pandangguhan festival

Pandangguhan Festival

One of the festivals of Pateros is the Pandangguhan Festival that happens every 2nd week of February. Pagoda sa daan is the highlight of the festival with themes changing every year. This also celebrates the feast of St. Martha. 

Concio ancestral house

Concio Ancestral House

Concio Ancestral House or Bahay ni Maestrang Tayang is the oldest surviving structure in Pateros. If you are interested in Filipino architecture, this edifice is something you can check. It’s an example of true structural elegance and endurance.