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Top 3 Quick Bites To Enjoy In Pateros City

Pateros, the city commonly known to produce the Philippines’ best Balut, doesn’t just have Balut but also other restaurants that could only be found in their city. The locals of Pateros, being of simple folk and into manufacturing, have restaurants that cater to their fast paced lifestyle. But the next question is, what food is worth a quick bite but can fill you up faster than a one litre bottle of coke? Here are the top 3 places that can give you that quick bite for food!

Couz burgers

Couz Burger and Pasta

If you’re looking for both burgers and pasta, look no further than Couz Burger and Pasta. Designed with a yellow and black motif, the Couz Burger and Pasta is definitely a place you can spot from far away! The Couz Burgers are no joke; they are good enough to fill up a person for two meals. One of their best selling burgers is their Double Burger which has two burger patties covered with their cheese sauce, served with a juicy, crispy lettuce and slices of juicy tomato. All that for below PHP 200.00! Definitely a place that is worth the money and bang for buck.

Minute burger

Minute Burger

Minute Burger, a small joint in Pateros, is known for their speedy service and bang-for-buck burgers. Their burgers also have a peculiar shape, with their buns taking the shape of a cupcake. Minute Burgers have different kinds of burgers and many of them in combo meals as to appeal to those of the working class who always seek a bang-for-buck combination. One of their best selling burgers is the Bacon and Cheese burger which also comes with a buy one, take one promo should you feel the urge to eat more than just one burger.



Known to be one of the number one Tambayan spots in Pateros, Burguerrilla has earned its reputation by selling the best burgers for hang-outs and groups. The Burguerrilla has different kinds of burgers such as the Shroom Doom Burger with their famous burger and mushroom sauce. They also have their Guerilla Onion Burger, carmelized onions, mushrooms, and their signature sauce.But what is their signature sauce? What is that makes their burgers so good? The best way to find out is to go to Pateros, track down this restaurant, and give it a shot!

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The job rendered from Julius Cordero and his team are done perfect. They are very efficient and professional. They repaint my condo unit beautifully. I even requested them for some installation of my fixture and he gave me very reasonable price. So if your thinking of repainting your house or condo ........ i highly recommend him.