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Places to Visit in Pateros

When in Pateros, there’s a lot more than meets the eye than the city being the “Balut capital” of the Philippines. Pateros is home to various historical and cultural hotspots – spots where you can enjoy an afternoon relaxing. 

Manggahan shrine

Manggahan Shrine

Manggahan Shrine is a historical spot and is close to the hearts of many Pateros locals. This is where Macario Almeda and Marcos Lozada, two local heroes, were killed fighting for their town. The town commemorates this event every August 29 right here in Manggahan Shrine. 

Dulong bayan

Dulong Bayan Monument 

Dulong Bayan was established to commemorate the people of Pateros who rose against the Philippines’ Spanish oppressors in 1896. Just like in Manggahan Shrine, a celebration is held every August 29 in memory of those who fell sacrificing their lives in this struggle. 

San roque

San Roque Church

One of the oldest churches in the city of Pateros, the San Roque Church was built in 1815 with San Roque as the patron saint. Today, it stands tall with classic Spanish colonial interior design and architecture.