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Waterproofing Installation Services in Pasig

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Coffee Time in Pasig

Whether you’re exhausted from work or having a good day, coffee is the way to go. Coffee has been a long time substance fuelling our everyday lives with caffeine, sugar, and, happiness. It’s what keeps us going in the fast-paced, crazy, modern society that we all live in. But where do you go for coffee in Pasig? Where do you get good coffee? Here are some places that will help you find your daily dose of caffeine.

Subspace coffee

Subspace Coffee House

Lying along Garnet Road in Pasig, Subspace Coffee House is the coffee house for dreamers. Dreamers like writers or those who need to have their creative juices sparked up should make their way to Subspace Coffee House. The place is brightly lit with paintings and different hipster-like designs to get those creative juices going. And the best part is, there’s also a Coffee making workshop where you can learn how to mix, create, and design your own mugs of coffee for the dream coffee experience.

Urban grind coffee

Urban Grind Coffee Shop

With its subtle and modern ambiance, Urban Grind Coffee Shop will truly “awaken your senses” with each cup of coffee they serve. The Urban Grind Coffee Shop is a place ideal for business meetings as their lighting perfectly influences the mood of the meeting or even for a coffee shop date. With its simple rustic-modern fusion and the scent of their freshly brewed Cappuccino or Caramel Macchiato filling the air, the Urban Grind Coffee Shop is the place to get some Rest and Relaxation and time away from all the stress.

United coffee

United Coffee

The locals of Pasig often times call the United Coffee cafe as their favourite hideout. The reason? One of it is that they have a famous drink known as the Shakerato which is a fusion of both milk and pitch black coffee, perfectly balanced to not give such a sweet taste but not too bitter either. While they are known for their coffee, their coffee is best enjoyed with some of their cakes and cookies such as their chocolate lava cake or their chocolate chip cookies. And if you’re looking for a place with steady wifi to cram your last ditch effort at work, go to United Coffee and hide there. Nobody will bother you as make that last push on your work.

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