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Places to Avoid in Pasig During Floods

During the rainy season, flooding is common in Pasig. Even with it on high ground, there are some slopes in the Pasig area that may create a large flood. While the plumbing may be industrial grade, sometimes the floods may be just too much. Thus, a bottleneck which will surely have you pulling your hair in frustration. So, what are the places to avoid while in Pasig during the rainy season? Here are some places:

Inter megamall

The intersection heading to either Megamall and Shangri-La Mall

Where’s the one place you go to with shade and time for you to wait out the rain? The malls of course! People go to the malls for several reasons: to shop, to relax, and most of all - to wait out the traffic. The problem however is that the intersections do not have permanent rules that it can cause confusion and thus traffic. And with the rain coming down and hard, people would rush towards the malls to prevent themselves from being bored in the car.

Pasig river

Anywhere near the waterways

What made Pasig so prone to floods in the first place is that they are at the intersection of four waterways. There’s the famous “dead” Pasig River, Marikina River, Manggahan floodway and - the Laguna de Bay. When the rain comes falling, those rivers cannot hold up forever and the industrial plumbing can only do so much. Make sure that your own house is prepared to handle the volume of water especially when you’re living near the waterways.

St. paul

The basin near St. Paul Pasig and Valle Verde I

St. Paul Pasig and Valle Verde I have one thing in common: they are both at the base of a hill. And when the rain falls, it’ll follow the slopes and accumulate down below at the basin. Because of the floods, cars will definitely try to avoid that and take more unconventional routes in hopes to avoid the floods that may cause the car to short out (especially since many cars rely on computers now). 

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