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American Restaurants Along The Kapitolyo

Being in Pasig could be tiresome, especially with all the traffic. On rush hour, people are rushing to and fro to get home because that’s time work ends. So, what do you do when you’re planning to wait out the traffic so you don’t end up dead-beat tired when you go home? Why, you go find something to eat of course! For comfort food, American cooking has never failed to comfort us in our time of need especially when it comes to dealing with traffic. 

Buffalo wild wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

As a sports bar, this is the one place you can bring friends to have a fun night of wings and food. The restaurant is a casually lit and decorated place where they also offer alcoholic drinks to help soothe your worries or give you the little push you need to loosen up. Their wings come in several different sizes which you can choose either to with the small snack size or go for the large size. Their buffalo wings are the main bestseller and are reputed to be spun fresh in either their famous Wild Buffalo style sauce or dry rub marinade before being served. If not into wings, they also have artisan burgers where you can create your own burger to suit your tastes. And while eating, if you’re young at heart, they have game tablets that are either interactive or can have you play solo. Definitely a place to go to when you want to relieve yourself from stress!

Mad marks

Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats

When looking for comfort food, we all have our different preferences. But in this case, Mad Mark’s has the variety to appeal to either your sweet tooth or a desire to gorge yourself silly with a perfectly grilled steak. One of their more unique dishes is their Japanese Fried Broccoli which is a must-try for those who are determined to fill up on their vegetable quota for the day and also are looking for an enjoyable way to eat broccoli. They also have their buffalo wings where they have their Johnnie Double Black as one of their killer dips. But their bestseller is their Millionaire Steak. Cooked in everything that is steak, their Millionaire Steak is bound to give you a one-way trip to steak heaven.

Tipsy pig

Tipsy Pig

As a gastropub, the Tipsy Pig serves all sorts of foods that are a comfort to the soul. One of their best sellers would be their sisig taco. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their old Filipino gastronomic favourite with an american spin? Another would be their river prawns deep fried with a crispy, buttered salted egg batter that’s bound to be the bee’s knees. And for a real killer and for those who are lovers of cheese, the Dirty Mexicana nachos will impress you with their three kinds of cheese, loaded with ground meat, pico-de-gallo, salsa, and a dash of sour cream. But one of the best shots they have is their Tipsy Wings, made from their homemade Jack Daniel’s sauce for a kick. The Tipsy Pig is the best place to go to with friends, or if you’re looking for a beer, or you’re just looking for some indulgence. Time to get a little tipsy!

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The food was 100% delicious! As for the servers, the quality of service offered was almost like a 5 star hotel buffet! Good job!