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Commercial Cleaning Services in Pasay

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Commercial Cleaning Services

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Cleaning up the Act in Pasay

Pasay is loaded with bars and restaurants along the bay. Let’s not forget that one of Asia’s biggest malls is in that area. So, what’s cleaning up going to be like in Pasay? It’s definitely going to have to be commercial/industrial level since the lots here are big. When you’re looking for a good clean-up, always make sure you have these things first.

Cleaning supplies

Make sure you have enough cleaning supplies

While most companies would have their own cleaning supplies, you have to make sure you have your own. Most companies don’t say this but they would wish that you would also inform them of what cleaning supplies you have so that way they know what kind of cleaning supplies to bring. Everyone has their own preference of cleaning supplies so you have to make sure you have the cleaning supplies that you both can use.


Check for any structural breakages

The thing about cleaning is that they really take out the dirt. But it would be helpful also to check if you have broken structures so none of the professionals cleaning the place would get hurt. Also, if you have a broken structure - it may just bring in more dirt, causing a problem for both you and the professional. So, it would be best if you checked some of your structures before anyone gets hurt.


Make sure you have a structured deadline and schedule

The busy city of Pasay has multiple malls that may have just booked your cleaner’s schedule to the brim. So, make sure you have a deadline and schedule when you want the cleaning done. Having a schedule not only puts you on the priority list while in Pasay over the hotels that have probably booked the cleaners to the brim but also gets what you want done.

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Abby Chan

e & s management corp

Quality of work was very good at an affordable price. They cleaned thoroughly including the areas under the bed, glass windows and doors. Cleaners were professional and polite. Management was responsive to inquiries and specific requests. Over-all service was definitely worth the price.

Joel Briones


I am very satisfied with their service. First, arranging the cleaning schedule was professionally straightforward and pleasant. Second, their staff arrived on time and were efficient. Third, the rate they charged me was reasonable for the amount of work accomplished. I will be using their services again in the future.