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Waterproofing Installation Services in Parañaque

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Surviving Typhoons and Rains in Parañaque

Parañaque is one of the southern cities, nearest to Alabang. But just because it’s down south, doesn’t mean that it’s immune to all the typhoons and rains that the erratic climate in the Philippines causes. Parañaque has several basins that could end up accumulating a lot of water and it’s going to be hard to clear out all that water if you don’t waterproof your houses. Here are some items you should have in your house to help waterproof your house.



Epoxy is a kind of material that although it takes awhile to dry, it can last a long time especially when it comes to patching up holes. Epoxy comes in different forms such as wood epoxy for wood-based materials and steel epoxy for metal based materials. Although it takes at least a day to dry, the results will last you awhile until at least you build up either enough money to buffer the repairs for the leak or keep you waterproof enough until you find a way to patch up the holes.


Pressure Washers

Now why is having a pressure washer a good idea? Having a pressure washer can help clean the gutters which is one of the main components of the house to make sure that the ceiling doesn’t leak. And most of the time, gutters only lose their capability to drain because of the leaves and the dirt that end up sticking to each other like glue before turning into a rock. The rock filled with dirt and leaves then clog up the gutters. And to take them out, you need to make sure you can wash them out.


Gunk melting Solutions

The common reason as to why people’s house’s flood is because the drainage is so clogged that it does the reverse of what it’s supposed to do. So, instead of having to go through the drain and dig through it - find an acidic solution that can melt the gunk and have it slip through so the water can easily pass through the pipes. Some people use chemicals but some solutions can be as simple as hot water, shampoo, and dishwashing solution. Others use the Coke hack and use its phosphoric acid to melt it through. When it comes to waterproofing, all the water needs is a clear pathway to direct it where it should go.

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