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Happiness level at maximum in Parañaque’s best pool clubs

Discover and enjoy your weekend getaway with friends and families in the best pool clubs in Parañaque! Here are tips to make sure you get the maximum level of happiness you can get!


Safety first

Always be reminded of the dos and don’ts of swimming in the pool. Don’t go jumping in the pool if you are not an expert on it. If you need to, wear a salbabida and be proud of it! Always remember, safety first!


Swim not with full tummy

Stay away from the pool for about an hour or so after eating. You don’t wanna get cramps, do you? Let your stomach do its wonders with the food you eat first. This way, you are sure to enjoy swimming with your buddies!


Learn to bubbles

Breathing properly while swimming is a skill everyone should know. You don’t have to hold your breath and gasp for air – this just puts tension on you. Doing bubbles helps you relax and you get to enjoy swimming in the pool. When you go underwater, just breathe out through your nose slowly and stay relaxed.