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Night Life at Parañaque

In Parañaque, many people remember it for being a cozy place to stay and to get away. Others remember Parañaque to be the place where the airport is. But Parañaque isn’t always about having a cozy set back or listening to the howling sounds of the airplane’s engine.There’s also a nightlife for those who live in Parañaque and here are some of the places to go to get a good swig.

Fat butchiks

Fat Butchik’s

At Fat Butchik’s, majority of their food is based on sharing but there also some dishes there that can serve as a good dinner meal. However, the real seller here are their drinks. They even have different classifications for their drinks such as beer, light, and the hard drinks. For their best drink, it’s the one they call the Suntory Whiskey. The house guarantees it’s the best of the best among their drinks and you’re gonna be in for some “awesome nights”.


Tides Grill and Bistro

Unlike the usual bars, Tides Grill and Bistro also accommodates dinners and have a lot more hot meals than the usual. In Tides also, they’re not joking if they give you the real deal of Vodka. While Vodka by itself is strong, they’re giving you the Russian standard Vodka.In other words, the Vodka is good enough to knock a big man down on a single swig. They also have their own mixes such as the Birthday Boy Shot, The Chocobomb, and the Pyramid Shots. But while they have hard drinkers, they specialize more in their cocktails such as the Redtide for easy drinking, the Tsunami for the killer punch.

Vapor lounge

Vapor Hookah Lounge

Both a Persian restaurant and a bar, they also serve a variety of hot meals to enjoy along with some finger food to go with your drinks. Some of their dishes that stand out are the whole Crispy Pata, and their baked tahong. They also have a plate of Oyster Rockafeller to enjoy with a glass of champagne or some white wine. However, the real variety in their menu is the drinks. They have several kinds of drinks - including drinks that they set on fire. Flamers, as they are called, are normally served to their customers with a flame and are definitely going to heat you up for the night. Ask your waiter first and check your alcohol tolerance before ordering one of those hotshots because you’re going to be in for one heck of a ride.

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