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Wonderful and Sweet Delights in Navotas Cafes

While Navotas has the beautiful view of the sunset, fishing ports that are simply overloading with fish, Navotas has begun to branch out to other industries. While many of their restaurants involve pulutan, there are some cafes that have sprung up within the fishing capital of Navotas. Here are a few cafes that are bound to be the coffee trip you need.


Cafe Vittoria

While Cafe Vittoria is more of a party venue, it extends its hospitality even further by using a building that was formerly a residential house. In Cafe Vittoria, they are specialists in Filipino food in which all recipes are designed by Julie Pascual who is famous in the Navotas area for her delectable home-style cooking. While most people look for more western desserts, her Ube Halaya Speciale di Vittoria is one dessert that nobody can just pass up. With its sweet taste with the sticky and chewy texture that brings back the old days, Cafe Vittoria is one place to hang out with friends and family for a traditional, home-cooked meals experience.

Jaz cafe

Jaz Cafe

In the Jaz Cafe, their specialty lies in their special ice blended drinks. Jaz Cafe is the one place to go to for a cheap yet good fix of their frosted drinks. Some of their frosted drinks come with jelly such as the Vanilla Latte Jelly and also their own Coffee Jelly drink that helps you cool down on the hot, humid weather here in the Philippines. While they have ice blended drinks, they also have rice meals and pasta to help fill you up and charge you up for the day.Their place also merits some instagram-worthy photos as they have their own freedom wall which fosters a friendly atmosphere for its customers. 

Borj cafe

Borj-Kitty Cafe

Looking for a Hello Kitty cafe not to far from home in Navotas? Borj-Kitty Cafe can definitely help you with that! In Borj-Kitty Cafe, majority of their foods and recipes are kid friendly along with their decoration which makes the place a delight to stay in for both you and children. Borj-Kitty is also known to be a cafe with many colours in both their restaurant and their food! It’s not every day one sees a bright red mini burger for kids to enjoy! Borj-Kitty Cafe also was once known as Borj-Burgers which is usually served with a variety of fries and a drink. To say hello to the kitty, pass by Borj-Kitty Cafe to say a hearty hello.

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