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Aluminum Work Services in Navotas

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We get you the best aluminum work services in Navotas, so you get more free time for all the fun things in life

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The Best Aluminum Work Services in Navotas

Whenever you need aluminum work services for your house, condo, apartment or office, we've got all the best professional aluminum fabricator for you!

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Hire top rated aluminum works services in Navotas and get the job done with Gawin, the best "service marketplace / platform" in the Philippines

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Delicacies of Navotas

Navotas is the seafood capital of NCR. So while in Navotas, why not try their delicacies? Being near the fishing port allows them to get one of a kind variety of the usual seafood delicacies. But why go all the way to Navotas for it? Well, Navotas has their own varieties and their own ways of preparing delicious Filipino delicacies that you can’t just get off the shelf.



Locally known as Fish Sauce, patis is made from dried fish and is fermented for a few days. The Navotas variety is known to bring out the flavor in any kind of dish that you introduce it to. Be it fish, chicken, meat, and other dishes, the patis from Navotas has a distinct flavor which paired with a freshly cut calamansi will really bring out the flavors. The best place to buy patis in Navotas is from the local stores around the Navotas fish port. There, you can really see them doing the fermenting processes. And for those who want the more easy to access ones, buy from Tentay Food Sauces Inc.



Bagoong is fermented shrimp with some salt which is grinded to a paste. While most people don’t recognize it on first sight, bagoong is the paste people use to eat with green mango or with the savoury kare-kare stew. Bagoong has different styles of preparation hence, the different tastes. Some bagoong can be sweet, others prefer a kick to their bagoong when they eat their green mango or their kare-kare. The best place in Navotas to buy it from? Get from Dizon’s Homemade Bagoong where their smallest order is around 500g.

Dried dilis

Dried Dilis

Almost every Filipino’s favorite TV Snack, dried dilis is a snack made from long jawed anchovy which is dried and fermented in salt for awhile before being sold. Dried dilis also isn’t always salty; some have it in sweet and spicy, others just sweet and the others spicy. Dried dilis can be eaten with almost anything - be it with rice or even alone. Some restaurants even serve dilis as part of their appetizers or as part of the dish itself. But where do you find the best dried dilis in Navotas? Seakid Inc. has a branch in Navotas that can get you your favourite fish snack at a cheaper price!

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